Andi Oliver

  • Andi Oliver and Fred Sirieix team up for One Love restaurant pop up in Clapton

    One love pop up andi oliver and fred siriex

    They made a great team when they co-presented from Marrakech in the BBC show Remarkable Places to Eat. Now Fred Siriex and Andy Oliver are joining forces for a one month pop-up in East London.

    One Love will be a combination of Caribbean family cooking and French influences, taking over the Clapton Country Club for a month.

    As Fred explains: "I am very excited because Andi and I are opening a pop up here at the Clapton

  • Andi Oliver brings Andi's Wadadli Kitchen and Caribbean food to Clapton

    Andi Oliver brings Andi's Wadadli Kitchen and Carribbean food to Clapton

    Great British Menu's Andi Oliver is getting ready to deliver. This time she's teaming up with The Crooked Billet in Clapton to launch Wadadli Kitchen and it's all about Caribbean food. Here's how they describe it:

    Andi's Wadadli Kitchen is real Caribbean home cooking. Food from the heart of all the islands, from Antigua to St Lucia, Cuba to Jamaica, Martinique to Guyana. The influences