• My Cookie Dough pops up near Leicester Square

    cookie dough popup london

    They already have two London stores at the Westfield supermalls, but in the run up to Christmas you can now try all manner of sweet treats from My Cookie Dough's first central London popup.

    This week they're opening up a festive popup on Charing Cross Road, just around the corner from Leicester Square. And, in addition to their usual flavours they're putting on two specials just for this spot.

    The first is a 24K

  • London's best hot puddings this winter

    best london puddings

    No-one could beat the British for our love of hot puddings. If you're after dessert heaven in London this winter, here's where to find it.

  • Where to get the best French toast in London

    Where to get the best French toast in London

    In recent years London brunching has been all about avo on toast. But who really wants that, when they could be ordering one of these gorgeous, calorific French toast delights instead?

  • Creams Cafe are launching a dessert poke bowl

    Creams Cafe are launching a dessert poke bowl 

    There's no getting past the fact that poke bowls have become a thing in London of late. Creams Cafe have clearly noted that as well - however, they seem to have (deliberately) misread the brief. So where on one side you have a generally healthy bowl of seafood and vegetables, Creams have gone in another direction. 

    Yes indeed - their poke dessert bowl is a warm waffle wedge base, topped

  • Haute Dolci dessert restaurant comes to London, landing at Wembley Park

    Haute Dolci dessert restaurant comes to London, landing at Wembley Park

    24/5/21 - updated with new opening date

    A new dessert bar is coming to Wembley Park after making its name around the country first. Haute Dolci has opened in Birmingham, Leeds and Leicester among others - and this is their first London launch, part of the development around the arena at Wembley Park. They say dessert bar, but going by the look, it's more like a

  • Brat's having a St David's Day weekend popup for their baked cheesecake

    brat cheesecake popup

    Next weekend we'll all be honorary Welsh folk - if it means getting hold of one of Brat's legendary cheesecakes.

    To celebrate the upcoming St David's Day, the Shoreditch restaurant is opening for a weekend to sell its world-class baked Basque cheesecake. They'll use the sale to raise funds for The Wickers Charity with all proceeds going to the charity which supports young people and families in East London.


  • How to get pancakes delivered (or take them away) for Pancake Day and beyond

    Pancake Day deliveries

    Pancake Day is here once again (Tuesday 16 February). And while we're spending Shrove Tuesday at home this year, you can still get some great pancakes delivered right to your front door (and find more to take away).  

  • Bompas & Parr launch jelly company Benham & Froud

    benham and froud jelly company

    Self-styled 'culinary deviants' Bompas & Parr have designs on your Christmas Day dessert. The duo have launched a new jelly company that looks set (pardon the pun) to win over Christmas pudding as a show stopper dessert.

    Benham & Froud is named after the old British company, founded back in 1785, which used to make the world's best jelly moulds. They made other stuff too, notably the orb and cross that now sits on top of St Paul's

  • American chain The Cheesecake Factory is coming to London - here's what you need to know about it

    The cheesecake factory at Creams

    Update - 9/6/20

    Fans of the Cheesecake Factory rejoice (and by the original reaction to this story - there are a lot of you)! More cheesecakes are coming to London - and beyond.

    They've just added the Banoffee Cheesecake ("swirled with buttery caramel, topped with a caramel drizzle on a crunchy vanilla crumb") to the menu at Creams, and on 19 June, there will be a new Blueberries and Cream flavour. But they're not

  • Test Driving Dominique Ansel Treehouse - pies. pithiviers and pasta but no Cronut in this Covent Garden restaurant


    The famed pastry chef goes cronut-free in Covent Garden, with pies, pithiviers and puddings on the menu. We take a look. 

  • Anne-Sophie Pic is bringing her millefeuilles to Selfridges

    Anne-Sophie Pic is bringing her millefeuilles to Selfridges

    If you've been to Anne-Sophie Pic's restaurant La Dame de Pic, you'll know that one of the highlights of the meal is the very impressive millefeuille dessert at the end. It's VERY instagrammable. Now she's bringing the millefeuille to Selfridges - but as a trio of three flavours. 

    They'll be on offer at The Fount Bar by Ryan Chetiyawardana (aka Mr Lyan) on the shop's ground floor. There will

  • Crème brings gooey cookies and frosties soft-serve to Soho

    Crème brings gooey cookies and frosties soft-serve to Soho

    We have a soft spot for a dessert bar, and only a few weeks after the launch of Bafarat, Soho has more sweet things on the way.

    This time it's the launch of Crème on D’Arblay Street, which is all about giant cookies, soft-serve ice cream, ice-blended slushies and more. It comes from Chef Jeremy Coste who is also behind North Audley Cantine, where he's been testing his cookie prowess with crunchy frosties

  • Pizza Pilgrims are putting on a special dessert pizza for their birthday

    pizza pilgrims smores pizza

    We're all for a birthday celebration and the one currently on for Pizza Pilgrims' seventh birthday is right up our street. They've introduced a special birthday guest pizza, that's perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

    The creator is Jemma, founder of London bakery Crumbs and Doilies, who came up with the Biscoff S’more Brownie for the pizza group's birthday. It features Mascarpone, Biscoff cream, marshmallows and a ball of vanilla ice

  • DYCE dessert cafe aims for the millennial market on James Street

    Bel-Air brings wholesome LA-fare to Farringdon with their second branch

    If highly instagrammable desserts aren't your thing, then you'll maybe want to give new Marylebone cafe a swerve. Opened by chef Zahra Khan over the weekend - who's also responsible for the VERY pink nearby cafe Feya - this new dessert spot says it's all about offering "an aesthetically appealing vibe to be the next go-to millennial stop."

    If you can look past that guff, it does sound like the

  • Bafarat coffee is coming to London with a Soho cafe (and dessert bar)

    Bafarat coffee is coming to London with a Soho cafe (and dessert bar)The Bafarat coffee company hails from Jeddah, and is coming to London for its first international cafe. And they're going big on dessert alongside all that caffeine. 

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