• Test Driving Temper - a meat and taco palace on Broadwick Street

    lambNothing is left to waste at Neil Rankin's Soho restaurant devoted to specialist breed meat

  • Vico launches a Panettone & Gelato menu for Christmas

    Vico launches a Panettone & Gelato menu for Christmas

    As the Christmas season is well and truly with us, you can't help but notice that panettones are starting to fill the shops. And going one step further, Vico has launched the Panettone & Gelato menu - all paired with warm drinks in case it's a little bit too cold outside.

    On the menu is: 

    • Panettone with Gelato: mini panettone filled with your choice of 2 gelati (recommended
  • Pizza Toscana is coming to Wardour Street

    Pizza Toscano is coming to Wardour Street

    There do seem to be rather a lot of pizza restaurants opening at the moment - and the latest is coming to Wardour Street, called Pizza Toscana. This one comes with proper Italian heritage by Italian restaurateur Stefano Cresci, owner of Florence's La Bussola, which has been going since 1960. He's now come to London and taken over La Scala. 

    Here, they'll use exclusively Tuscan ingredients - including pecorino cheese instead of

  • Corazon is a Mexican taqueria opening on Soho's Poland Street


    24/11/16 - updated with soft launch details.

    London may be down one Mexican joint with the closure of Santa Remedio, but come November there'll be a new taqueria to boost our spirits. Corazón is opening in Soho on Poland Street (taking over the spot where Posini's used to be). So if you're after casual, comfort food with a kick, this is where you'll need to be. Expect to be mesmerised by watching all their homemade tortillas being freshly made in front of

  • Pastries, matcha and much more from Japanese cafe Kova

    Pastries, matcha and much more from Japanese cafe Kova

    East Asian-style cakes, crepes and pastries will be now readily available in central Soho now that Kova Patisserie, a Japanese cafe, has opened its doors.

    Kova can be found tucked away in St Anne’s Court (that little bit that links Dean St and Wardour St), and will be serving up a variety of hot drinks and sweet treats, including a creamy shortcake, roll cake and mille

  • Barrafina Dean Street to feature Frith Street favourites on menu


    A ripple of excitement goes through the London food scene when a new Barrafina opens. So we confidently predict a positive reaction to news that the new one on Dean Street is about to open.

    Taking over much of what used to be the main restaurant at Quo Vadis, Barrafina Dean Street came about when the restaurant was given notice on its Frith Street site.

    The key information you'll be wanting to know is how many stools are there? Well the new one

  • Dumpling Shack are coming to Soho's Leicester House for one week only

    Dumpling Shack are coming to Soho's Leicester House for one week only

    The hugely popular Dumpling shack is heading for a pre-Christmas pop-up before settling on a permanent venue. You might have come across them (aka John Li) in Broadway market and they also had a very successful pop-up in Shotgun. Now they're coming to One Leicester Street. 

    They'll have a Chinese sharing menu with 11 dishes coming to the table, including their famed pan-fried soup dumplings

  • Quo Vadis celebrates its 90th birthday with a starry Soho party


    From the naked male torso vodka luge to a guest list that ranged from Hugh Bonneville and Alastair Little to Suggs and James Blunt, the great and the good of Soho turned up last night to celebrate the 90th birthday of Quo Vadis. It's been an interesting year for the restaurant, which has seen a lot of upheavalin the past few months. But we saw that the new Barrafina

  • Bonnie Gull to open up their second seafood shack in Soho

    Bonnie Gull to open up their second seafood shack in Soho

    If you like your seafood a bit more interesting than your bog standard cod and chips, then you may have come across the Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack, who’ve been enjoying a rather popular five years at their Fitzrovia home. Now they’ll be bringing their ‘Squid Toast’ with ink aioli and ember-cooked mussels to a new, second branch in Soho.

    You should only eat oysters in the months with an ‘R’ in them, as the saying

  • Pilau’s Indian wraps find a permanent home on Goodge Street (with Soho to come)

    Pilau’s Indian wraps find a permanent home on Goodge Street

    Pilau is the newest in a flurry of roving food vendors to find a home for just in time the winter. After a series of successful residencies, the Indian street food seller has opened its first permanent site in Fitzrovia, and will shortly be taking over another space in Soho before Christmas.

    Those visiting their new Goodge street premises will be able to get your hands on a their hearty Indian wraps, choosing

  • Hipchips brings conveyer belt crisps and dip to Soho

    Conveyer belt crisps and dip in Soho, from Hipchips

    04/11/16 - updated with soft launch details.

    First, there was Bubble Dogs. Then, there was Cereal Killers. And now, arriving on Old Compton Street this autumn comes Hipchips, taking pairings back to their most basic - chips and dip. Also, everything is served on a conveyer belt (for some reason.) 

    London’s voyage towards peak hipster is still going strong with the arrival of yet surprising dining concept,

  • Dum Biryani House in Soho is all about the Biryani

    Dum Biryani House in Soho is all about the Biryani

    We've had plenty of one-dish restaurants in town of late, but there's always room for more and we do like the sound of one coming our way - that's all about biryani.  

    Called Dum Bryani House, it's opening in Soho by Dhruv Mittal who's got a good background behind him, having worked at The Fat Duck, Hibiscus and Sat Bains. The food itself is mainly focused on Telugu Cuisine from the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

  • Lobos Meat and Tapas is bringing all the Iberico pork to Soho

    Lobos Meat and Tapas is coming to Soho

    27/10/16 - updated with soft launch details. 

    A new tapas joint is heading to Soho - the second Lobos Meat and Tapas from the same team who opened the original in Borough. Of that original, Marina O' Loughlin said: "I want to fall out of here post-midnight and not remember leaving, reeling from sherry and fine pork" - so we're expecting big things here. 

    Little is known about the new menu but expect a mix of new and

  • Test Driving Kiln, must-visit Thai counter dining in Soho

    noodles2We Test Drive Kiln, the latest counter-dining sensation in Soho, from the man behind Smoking Goat. 

  • Neil Rankin is opening Temper in Soho

    Neil Rankin is opening Temper in Soho

    21/10/16 - updated with soft launch details.

    Following up his successes at Smokehouse and Bad Egg, Neil Rankin is getting ready for his next venture, Temper. This time, he's setting up shop in Soho, and as expected you can expect a big focus on meat. 

    What we know so far is:

    • It's in Soho, round the corner from Yauatcha
    • There will be a big focus on meat (the name refers to the process of tempering meat) and