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Corbin and King

  • Manzi's will be Corbin and King's next project - a huge seafood restaurant in Soho

    Manzi's will be Corbin and King's next project - a huge seafood restaurant in Soho

    Eight years after opening their massive Brasserie Zedel, restaurateurs Corbin & King are launching another affordable restaurant. Manzi's in Soho will be a homage to the much-loved Manzi's fish restaurant and will be a seafood restaurant that's both fun and affordable.

  • Corbin & King are going to reopen Bellanger in Islington

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    28/7/20 - Updated with opening date

    Almost a year ago, we reported that Corbin & King's Islington outpost, Bellanger, was to close. At the time we posited that the restaurant's Alsace menu wasn't perhaps right for the area, and now it seems we could have been right.

    The site remained almost in aspic since the closure with no

  • Test Driving Corbin & King Home Dining - bringing The Wolseley, Zedel and more to your door


    Unsurprisingly Corbin & King have gone for a different model of food delivery from any other restaurnt group so far - there's is a centralised place to order the 'greatest hits' from places like The Wolseley, Brasserie Zedel and more. We tried a few of them out.

  • Corbin & King deliver with Home Dining, featuring dishes from The Wolseley, Fischer's, Soutine and more

    Corbin & King deliver with Home Dining, featuring dishes from The Wolseley, Fischer's, Soutine and more

    While we're waiting for news on when we'll be able to visit their restaurants again, Corbin and King have kicked off their new Home Dining delivery service. And rather than attempting a different service for each restaurant, they've centralised it all, so you'll be able to get the best from all their restaurants in one order. That includes Manzi's. which hasn't even

  • Corbin & King look to help staff by giving them 50% of all voucher sales

    Corbin and King look to help staff by giving them 50% of all voucher sales

    Jeremy King is known for sending out irregular missives, with updates on the business, thoughts on Brexit (spoiler - not positive) and more besides.

    Earlier this week, his latest email talked about the difficulty their staff are having with significantly reduced wages. Put simply, the service charge pool (aka the "tronc") is not included in the government furlough scheme, so many staff who

  • Test Driving Cafe Wolseley - a restaurant for reviving shoppers at Bicester Village


    If you love a designer bargain, then heading out to Bicester Village will be just right for you - just make sure you book a table for lunch or dinner at Cafe Wolseley to complete your day out.

  • Corbin and King are closing Bellanger in Islington

    bellanger closing

    London has been no stranger to big restaurant closures over the past few months, but one of the biggest was announced last night. In an email, Jeremy King of Corbin & King, revealed that they'd be closing Bellanger in Islington this summer.

    "It is with great sadness I must inform you that, after over three years trading, we have decided to cease trading Bellanger on Sunday 11th August.

    "It is a great shame but, although we loved being in

  • Test Driving Soutine - Corbin and King's grand cafe in St John's Wood


    Corbin and King have brought a French grand cafe to St John's Wood. We head up there to see the latest from the master restaurateurs. 

  • The Wolseley team are opening Soutine in St John's Wood

    The Wolseley team are opening Soutine in St John's WoodThis is the next restaurant from the team behind The Wolseley, Bellanger, The Delaunay and more. This time it'll be an all-day restaurant serving French food with Russian influences.

  • Cafe Wolseley opens for business in Bicester Village

    wolseley2Fifteen years after they opened the original Wolseley on London's Piccadilly, Jeremy King and Chris Corbin are expanding by opening the first Cafe Wolsely in Bicester's designer shopping village.

  • New Orleans's legendary Galatoire's comes to London's Beaumont

    New Orleans's legendary Galatoire's comes to London's Beaumont

    Here’s a very special one for lovers of everything from the good old USA. For three days, Londoners will be able to temporarily transport themselves to New Orleans's legendary Galatoire’s, an elegant-yet-raucous restaurant popping up in Mayfair.

    The pop-up will be operating out of five-star hotel The Beaumont, setting up in Corbin & King’s Colony Grill Room (one of Hot Dinners' personal fave spots in town).

  • Corbin and King's Bellanger restaurant is opening on Islington Green

    01 bellangerpreview

    Updated 7/12/15 with menu, photos and opening date

    Hot Dinners got a sneak preview of Bellanger this week and even with days of fitting out to go, the place looks fantastic. They've opened up the front of the dining room, adding a semi-private dining alcove, put booths all down one side. There'll be 10 seats for counter dining and a large dining room towards the back which has been

  • Cheeky overnight: we check out The Beaumont

    beaumont 425Cocktails in The Cub Room, a ride in the hotel Daimler - we'd happily move in let alone check into The Beaumont.

  • The Wolseley owners tackle staff shortages by targeting mums


    There's been a lot of talk - on social media and off - about staff shortages in the London restaurant world. So it's hats off to restaurateurs (and hoteliers) Corbin and King who have decided to approach the problem from a different angle.

    They're holding a forum in September aimed at encouraging women, who left the industry after maternity leave, back into work.

    The experiences of their own company "suggests new mothers do not consider

  • Barrafina, Gymkhana, Clove Club and Colony Grill hit London Art15


    Next week's Art15 which hits London is shaping up to be feast for the stomach as well as the eyes. The Global Art Fair is now in its third year and will be exhibiting work from 150 galleries from 40 different countries from across the world. But what we're really interested in is Food 4 Art, the pop-up restaurant there.

    When you know that the four days of the fair's restaurant have been curated by the Evening Standard’s Fay Maschler you'll know it's worth paying