• Duckgate - how Westerns Laundry's duck neck dish went viral

    duck neck london restaurant

    It's the dish that made a North London restaurant go viral this week. When Westerns Laundry put up a shot of their stuffed duck neck on their Instagram page, they presumably never thought the story would be discussed as far away as India.

    The Mail, Sun and Mirror all picked up on the story, triggered by one of the

  • Barbecuvée is Top Cuvée's upgraded park delivery service this spring

    top cuvee park delivery

    Last year they were first to the party when it came to delivering drinks to the park. Now Highbury restaurant Top Cuvee has gone one further and will be cycling around North London bringing its Barbecuvée offering to pimp up our park picnics.

    So, not only can you get Pet Nat and cocktails brought to your spot in either Clissold

  • Test Driving The Nook - an Islington neighbourhood restaurant par excellence


    The Nook in Islington launched quietly in the pandemic - and turns out to be an absolute neighbourhood gem.

  • Paella Shack lands on Highbury's Blackstock Road - with paellas, tapas and more

    paella shack blackstock road

    The streetfood arm of the London Paella School has landed on Highbury's Blackstock Road where they'll be serving up ALL the paellas plus other great tapas.

  • Fink's Gillespie reopens with a new toastie menu and other treats

    fink's gillespie road coffee shop openingThe duo behind neighbourhood favourite Fink's Salt & Sweet are expanding - but they're not going far. Their second place will be a coffee shop on nearby Gillespie Road.

  • Shop Cuvee wine shop and deli is opening on Blackstock Road

    shop cuvee opening on blackstock road

    There's no getting away from the fact that lockdown was hard on London. But, equally, it's fair to say that some businesses coped better than others. Highbury restaurant Top Cuvee didn't let any grass grow under its feet when the city shut down. It pivoted quickly to become a natural wine distributor Shop Cuvee - actually growing its business over lockdown.

    Now that owner Brodie and his team have been able to reopen the restaurant,

  • Piebury Corner closes both of its pie delis

    piebury corner closing

    Over the past few months we've reported on a lot of restaurant closures. But we're personally gutted to have heard the news last night that Piebury Corner will not be reopening either of its restaurants.

    We've been following Paul and Nicky Campbell's story ever since they first set up a pie stall around the corner from where we lived, back in

  • The Nook wine bar and deli opens in Islington, taking over from Linden Stores

    The Nook wine bar and deli opens in Islington, taking over from Linden Stores

    With people not heading into the centre of London to work, neighbourhood bars and restaurants are getting a lot more attention - and this new opening in our own local area caught our attention. The Nook has taken over the space that used to be Linden Stores, so we popped down to find out more. 

    The owners are Angus and Lale Oztek-Pook. Angus is front of house and Lale the chef. Lale studied at Le

  • Donna Sofia sees Highbury's Da Mario deli opening its first restaurant

    donna sofia restaurant london highbury

    Over the many, boring weeks of lockdown, we spent a lot of time on our daily prescribed walk going past the old Dear Pizza spot on Highbury Barn, wondering what new restaurant was opening there.

    Now we know - it's Donna Sofia - an Italian restaurant and pizzeria from the folk next door at Da Mario deli. They're serving up a range of antipasti, pasta, mains and pizzas.

    On the menu you'll find:

    • Toasted sourdough
  • Fink's Salt & Sweet finally reopens, following a pre-Covid flood

    finks highbury reopens

    We were delighted to see our local spot Fink's Sweet & Salt reopening its doors late last week. The popular Highbury cafe and store has been shut since October following a devastating mains pipe burst which flooded the area.

    Reopening anywhere in the current times brings added pressures and, of course, right now Fink's is takeaway only, with social distancing measures in place. Their hatch has also reopened for anyone wanting to swing by and

  • Patron are launching their Maison Patron delivery service

    maison patron delivery service

    Poor old Patron barely got a chance to open its second restaurant in Highbury before the shutters came down for lockdown. So we're pleased they've managed to sort out a new home delivery service at both their original Kentish Town restaurant and the new Highbury location.

    The Maison Patron menu does sound

  • Farang launch their new Larder service with meal kits, ready meals and more

    farang launch new larder service

    Over in Highbury, top Thai restaurant Farang has an interesting new offering during Lockdown. With just the one chef - owner Sebby Holmes - in the kitchen, they've launched Farang Larder this week.

    As the name suggests they'll be offering a range of food, drink and meals to fill up your store cupboard and fridge.

    There are five recipes kits. Choose from red, green, jungle and massaman curry kits or Miang for Days - which has everything

  • Franks Canteen is taking over the Sunday lunch service at The Woodbine in Highbury

    franks canteen sunday lunch at the woodbine in highbury

    Highbury's Sunday lunch game looks set to get a little stronger from this coming weekend. Local restaurant Franks Canteen is about to take over the Sunday lunch service at Blackstock Road pub, The Woodbine.

    "There's no reservations, Paul from Franks told Hot Dinners. "Just rock up - it's family-friendly and we'll be serving from 12 to 7pm.

    "We'll be using our usual great suppliers, Swaledale for meat and

  • Bourne's fishmongers are opening an evening seafood bar in Highbury

    bourne's fishmonger and seafood bar highbury

    A Hot Dinners exclusive

    Ever since they first opened their doors in Highbury in 2017, Bourne's Fishmongers have been on a mission to share their enthusiasm for British seafood with Londoners. The duo behind it are Lee Bourne and John Long. Bourne trained as a chef at Islington restaurant Fredericks before heading into the fishmonger trade at top London fishmonger Steve Hatt. He teamed up with fellow Highbury local John

  • Patron Cave à Manger are bringing their Parisian brasserie to Blackstock Road

    patron cave a manger opening blackstock road highburyPopular Kentish Town brasserie Patron is expanding - they've picked Blackstock Road for their second site, serving up all manner of classic French wine and dishes.

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