• quality chop cafe

    Not content with a restaurant, bar and deli, Farringdon's Quality Chop House is now adding a cafe too. If you've been to the deli there recently - and we have many times for arguably the best pork pies in London - you'll have seen the wine shop that's next door (previously run by Noble Wines). It's that area that's becoming their new cafe. 

    There you'll be able to sit down and work your way through as many of those pork pies as you can (and we


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  • rabbitA historic London pub has been reinvigorated with the arrival of top chef Henry Harris. We went to check out the new look Coach

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  • Bel-Air brings wholesome LA-fare to Farringdon with their second branch

    What: Bel Air Farringdon

    In a nutshell: Healthy food, fast.

    Summing it all up: Bel Air's an LA food inspired space that opened originally in Shoreditch serving salads and more. This sees them expanding to a second spot in Farringdon

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  • South African barbecue Hammer and Tongs lands on Farringdon Road

    A taste of South African barbecue, Hammer and Tongs, is coming to Farringdon Road with a braai grill that’s a whopping 3m in size, and a menu bursting with local ingredients.

    We’re not going to lie - it’s rare we need to run to Google *quite* so many times when looking at a menu, but Hammer & Tongs gave us a run for our money, highlighting how woefully under-represented South African food is in London.


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