• Where to get the best French toast in London

    Where to get the best French toast in London

    In recent years London brunching has been all about avo on toast. But who really wants that, when they could be ordering one of these gorgeous, calorific French toast delights instead?

  • Best places delivering brunch in London

    brunch collage

    You could toil away at home making your own brunch. But when you can order in Gloucester Old Spot muffins, blueberry pancakes or shakshuka without having to get dressed, why would you? Here's our pick of who's delivering brunch to Londoners.

  • Test Driving Brat's brunch in Shoreditch

    brat restaurant brunch review

    Tomos Parry's Shoreditch restaurant started doing brunch just before London locked down for a second time. We managed to get in just before that to try it out. 

  • The best new brunches in London

    London's best new brunches

    The new curfew hours are persuading some of the city's best restaurants into the brunch game. Here are the menus you need to be hitting up.

  • Brat does brunch - Tomos Parry kicks off the weekend with lardo on flatbread

    Brat does brunch - Tomos Parry kicks off the weekend with lardo on flatbread

    They came back from the lockdown all guns blazing with a hugely popular Hackney pop-up in addition to the original Shoreditch restaurant and now Tomos Parry's Brat is about to try something new. It's launching a brunch menu for the first time. 


  • Test Driving the new Waffle and Bellini Hour at Bob Bob Ricard -

    waffle and bellini hour at bob bob ricard review

    Now there's a new way to start the weekend in London - with fresh waffles and bellinis at the never-knowingly-understated Bob Bob Ricard...

  • London's best bacon sandwiches

    london's best bacon sarniesSometimes what you want, nay need, right now is a bacon sandwich. Here's our guide to the best bacon sarnies in London right now.

  • Nuno Mendes launches a weekend brunch at The Scolt Head

    nuno mendes brunch the scolt head

    Need a reason to feel good about staying in town for the summer? Well how about the fact that top chef Nuno Mendes is about to start doing weekend brunches in De Beauvoir?

    The Chiltern Firehouse chef will be stepping in to launch a brunch menu at his local pub, The Scolt Head. And, God, it does sound good.

    As you might expect, eggs are a recurrent theme. So you'll find them teamed with:

    • Secret Smokehouse smoked trout
  • Four Hundred Rabbits take on the restaurant at Brockwell Lido

    400 rabbits at the brockwell lidoPopular South London pizzeria 400 Hundred Rabbits has taken on the art deco cafe at Brockwell Lido and they're starting with a strong brunch menu.

  • Byron are relaunching with a new menu, including their first-ever brunch

    byron launch a new brunch menu

    Twelve years is a long time in the burger business, so it’s understandable that Byron have decided to freshen things up a little. After welcoming celebrity chef and author Sophie Michell as their Food & Drink Director in June, there’s now firm plans to shake up the menu.

    Starting at the first ever Byron site in High Street Kensington, then rolling out in other branches across 2020, there’ll finally be a dedicated brunch menu. And if

  • Five must-try dishes and drinks to try at the Ella Canta bottomless weekend brunch

    eggsLondoners looking for a brunch with a bit of a kick should head on over to Ella Canta on Park Lane where top chef Martha Ortiz has created a menu that takes you on a taste tour of Mexico. And if the dishes here don't seal the deal, then knowing you'll get bottomless margaritas or sparkling wine* to pep up your brunch plans surely will.

  • Test Driving Santo Remedio's bottomless Mexican brunch


    London restarants serve up countless bottomless brunches every weekend, but some of those stand out more than others. Santo Remedio's bottomless Mexican brunch is one of them. 

  • London's best bottomless brunches with free-flowing drinks

    CoyaWant a little more than Prosecco from your bottomless bunch? We've picked out some of the best brunches in London where the bottomless option is a little more unique. 

  • Burger and Lobster's Taittinger brunch features a Champagne Train running along the bar


    Now we know there are plenty of fun police out there who hate the idea of gimmicks. But we are not among them and, frankly, this latest conceit at Burger & Lobster sounds like an absolute hoot.

    The Soho branch of the restaurant group has teamed up with Taittinger to launch the Champagne Train - where flutes of champagne are served by a train rolling down a 9m model railway track on the bar itself.

    It's their version of the bottomless brunch. So

  • The Duke of Richmond kicks off brunch with an epic sausage, egg and chip butty

    The Duke of Richmond kicks off brunch with an epic sausage, egg and chip butty

    Tom Oldroyd's Dalston pub is well known for its excellent crab and chip butty - but they're about to raise their game further. They're starting a weekend brunch and as part of that, a new epic chip butty is going on the menu. It's made of a 6oz pork sausage patty, chips, gravy, American cheese & chopped buttered eggs (£11) and you can see the mighty construction above.



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