• Shake Shack and Neil Rankin team up for a new vegan burger

    Shake Shack and Neil Rankin team up for a new vegan burger

    Kicking off today, Shake Shack have a new special on the menu that should be worth checking out.

    This time it's a collaboration with Neil Rankin who's bringing his vegan burger know-how to Shake Shack with The Crispy Shallot Burger. He's developed the patty with Jim Frisch, Shake Shack's Director of Culinary + Product Development, and it's made from roasted mushrooms

  • Gordon Ramsay's Street Burger takes over the Byron on Charing Cross Road

    gordon ramsay street burger london

    Gordon's burger joint finds its first central London location, taking over the old Byron site on Charing Cross Road.

  • Allegra is launching a Happy Burger pop-up on its terrace (and special residencies too)


    With the April date of alfresco opening getting ever closer, one restaurant is trying something new when they return. Patrick Powell and the Allegra team will be opening their (fantastic looking) rooftop terrace with a new pop-up called Happy Burger

    On the new menu will be: 

    • ‘The Happy Burger’, an Oklahoma-style onion burger with American cheese (and a Beyond Meat alternative too). If you don't know what an
  • The Joanna's burger pop-up is returning

    The Joanna's burger pop-up is returning

    We may still be a little way off from actually eating in (or outside) restaurants again, but they are still finding new ways to give us a small taste of the real thing. One of those is the burger pop-up outside Joanna's in Crystal Palace. A big success on its last appearance, it's making a return this weekend. 

    There are three burgers up for grabs:

    • The Joanna’s Hamburger - beef,
  • The Bleecker Black returns as a DIY kit - for one day only

    The Bleecker Black returns as a DIY kit - for one day only

    The Bleecker Black is one of Bleecker's most loved burgers (and actually our personal fave from them) but it hasn't been a mainstay of the menu for a while (since 2017, in fact). But now it's making a triumphant return for one day only, to celebrate St Patrick's Day. 

    It'll be available as an at-home kit, and features enough to make two Bleecker Blacks. So that's four dry-aged

  • Four Legs are teaming up with Yard Sale for a cheeseburger pizza

    four legs and yard sale cheeseburger pizza

    What happens when the creators of one of London's great burgers gets together with one of the city's great pizza groups? Well, you're about to find out.

    Next week, Four Legs - the folks responsible for this amazing cheeseburger, are launching the results of their collaboration with

  • Wendy's are returning to the UK - London restaurants are incoming

    Wendy's are returning to the UK - London restaurants are incoming 

    It's been a long time, but it seems, according to Big Hospitality, that US burger chain Wendy's is definitely making a return to these shores. 

    They've confirmed

  • Haché are bringing their Gin Wednesdays home (and throwing in the glasses)

    Haché are bringing their Gin Wednesdays home (and throw in the glasses)

    When everything was open, Hache's Gin Wednesdays - with bottomless gin and tonics - was quite the popular event. But while that's not coming back in the same form quite yet - they are planning to deliver a something as close to that as possible during lockdown. 

    While, alas, it isn't bottomless, they're launching a new deal which gets you a burger, fries and two double gin

  • Filthy Buns is back at The Three Compasses with a new hatch, delivery and burgers

    Filthy Buns is back at The Three Compasses with a new hatch, delivery and new burgers 

    If you've had a craving for Filthy Buns burgers in Dalston, then you'll be pleased to know that not only are the burger slingers back and delivering - but they're also serving from a brand new hatch at the Three Compasses. 

    The new menu has eight meat buns and seven plant-based - so there's a big selection on offer and there are brand new burgers

  • MEATliquor head to North Finchley for a lockdown drive-through popup

    meatliquor finchley popup

    Updated 26/2/21

    What's a pub to do when it a) can't open and b) isn't allowed to sell its beer for takeaway? Well, one North London pub has hit upon the answer. They're going to do a big charity beer giveaway and they've teamed up with MEATliquor to help them do just that.

    Ten years after MEATliquor blew the doors off the London burger scene with their van in New Cross, they're returning to the pop-up

  • Flower Burger are bringing their day-glo vegan burgers to Charlotte Street

    flower burger open first london restaurant on charlotte street

    London's Charlotte Street is seeing a very European takeover this month as Herman Ze German makes way for an Italian import. Flower Burger originated in Milan five years ago where its oh-so-Instafriendly colourful vegan burgers were an instant hit. Since then, they've expanded across France and Italy and Fitzrovia will be their first London opening.

    Using natural extracts like

  • The Ethical Butcher launches climate-positive burger brand Ground

    ethical butcher launch ground burger

    London is overrun with fantastic burgers these days, so it's pretty rare that a new one comes along with a genuinely interesting story behind it. But a new venture called Ground, from The Ethical Butcher’s Farshad Kazemian and Lily Bovey (of street food stall Stakehaus) certainly sounds like it will be worth trying. In a nutshell, the pair have teamed up to create a burger that is ‘climate-positive’, meaning that the

  • London's best Christmas burgers for 2020

    The Turkey Gobbler at MEATliquor

    If Christmas for you means enjoying the key components of a Christmas dinner in a bun, then our roundup of London's best Christmas burgers is a list you're going to want to work your way through.

  • Gordon Ramsay launches Street Burger in St Paul's and plots Street Pizza roll out in Southwark and Battersea

    gordon ramsay opens street burger in London

    It's now clear what Gordon Ramsay has spent Lockdown 2.0 doing. In addition to messing around on TikTok, he's been planning world domination. And he's starting with London, where he's opening five new 'street food' restaurants, three of those before the end of 2020.

    Launching a new Gordon Ramsay brand will be Street Burger. That's opening at One New Change, presumably as part of Ramsay's sprawling

  • Gordon Ramsay is bringing his burger restaurant to Harrods

    Gordon Ramsay is bringing his burger restaurant to Harrods

    Previously only in Las Vegas, Gordon Ramsay brings his burger restaurant to London - launching in Harrods. But will he have what it takes to compete in London's burger scene?

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