• Burger & Beyond's next stops are in Soho and Borough Yards

    Burger & Beyond's next stops are in Soho and Borough Yards 

    Burger and Beyond have had a pretty successful two years, all things being considered. They were one of the very first restaurants out of the door with a meal kit once the first lockdown arrived and they became a big hit (and they're still available too). Now, they've returned to real-life, mainly concentrated at their eat-in restaurant in Shoreditch (alongside their delivery and

  • Black Bear Burger are coming to Exmouth Market

    Black Bear Burger are coming to Exmouth Market

    They started as street food before opening up their own restaurant in Brixton, have a space in Boxpark Shoreditch and now Black Bear Burger are growing again. This time they're opening a restaurant in Exmouth Market.

    Taking over what actually used to be a Dirty Burger (albeit launching with a complete redesign of what was there before), this is going to be bigger than their Brixton place so we

  • Patty & Bun head to Northcote Road with Canary Wharf on the horizon

    patty and bun clapham and canary wharf

    23/3/22 - the Northcote Road branch has now opened. 

    South of the river fans of the Smokey Robinson or Ari Gold have a spring bonus as Patty & Bun are taking on a site on Northcote Road.

    This new 'stripped back' burger joint is going to be like Patty & Bun's original spot by Selfridges so there'll be room for 35 inside and a few seats outdoors too.

    It's the ninth opening

  • The Patate bring French beef bourguignon burgers to Covent Garden

    The Patate bring French beef bourguignon burgers to Covent Garden

    They have restaurants north and south in Kentish Town and Battersea but now The Patate are bringing their French burgers to central London, opening in Covent Garden. 

    They're taking over a space that used to be a vegan cafe, so this is a bit of a change, for sure. If you're unfamiliar with them, the idea is to serve up burgers inspired by French cooking techniques. This is

  • Burger King opens a meat-free restaurant on Leicester Square

    Burger King opens a meat-free restaurant on Leicester Square

    We'd been hearing that Burger King were going to be trying something new with the reopening of their Leicester Square restaurant - and they've certainly done that, going completely meat-free. 

    We've had meat-free Prets, and a recent meat-free Honest Burgers but we think this is the first of the big fast-food giants to take the plunge.

    This new restaurant adds fifteen new

  • MEATliquor and the Foo Fighters team up for the Studio 666 burger

    MEATliquor and Foo Fighters team up for the Studio 666 burger

    For their next special burger, MEATliquor is teaming up with none other than the Foo Fighters, all as part of the band's new movie Studio 666.

    For the occasion, they've created the Studio 666 Burger. That's three beef patties (because two just isn't rock and roll enough), MEATliquor hot sauce, American Cheese, 666 mayonnaise, pickles, diced white onions

  • Truffle Burger are bringing all the truffles to The City

    Truffle Burger are coming to The City

    They've started out as street food before getting a permanent space in Soho last year and now Truffle Burger are getting bigger, with a new restaurant in The City. 

    As before, and the name really gives away, it's ALL about truffles - and there's a lot of them on the menu. Here's a taste: 

    • Truffle Burger - Beef & Smoked Bacon patty, fig jam, crispy onions, raclette cheese
  • Commercial Road's historic Victorian funeral parlour becomes burger bar

    francis c walters commercial road burger bar

    From Victoria funeral parlour to burger joint, a listed building in Limehouse is coming back to life after years of neglect.

    Francis J Walters on Commercial Road used to have the most ornate facade, until a succession of rubbish owners stripped and painted the Grade II listed building and refused to comply with Tower Hamlets' enforcement orders to restore it.

    But now it's come under the

  • Baggio Vegan hit up Walthamstow with their plant-based burgers

    baggio vegan hoe street walthamstow

    They've been plying their Amalfi-coast inspired Italian burgers in and around Walthamstow for the past five years, but now father and son team Baggio Burger are stepping things up. Last week they opened their first dine-in restaurant in E17, but this one is a bit of a departure from their usual meaty offerings, being devoted to plant-based burgers.

    Baggio Vegan has five vegan burgers on the menu including their

  • London's best Christmas burgers for 2021

    The Turkey Gobbler at MEATliquor

    If Christmas for you means enjoying the key components of a Christmas dinner in a bun, then our roundup of London's best Christmas burgers is a list you're going to want to work your way through.

  • Wendy's are bringing their burgers to Camden Town

    Wendy's are bringing their burgers to Camden Town 

    The American fast-food juggernaut is kicking things into a higher gear over the next year. We already have Five Guys all over the place, Popeye's has just launched with big plans for expansion and then there's Wendy's. Already opened in Stratford and Croydon - they now have their sights on a third proper London restaurant (you may have seen them pop up as Deliveroo-only restaurants too). 

    The next big

  • Shake Shack and Hoppers team up for the one-off Lankan burger

    Shake Shack and Hoppers team up for the one-off Lankan burger

    They already have truffle burgers as their Christmas special, but Shake Shack also have something else pretty special planned for December. Mark Rosati of Shake Shack and Karan Gokani of Hoppers are teaming up for a special Hoppers/Shake Shack burger - but

  • Wendy's return to the UK - Stratford and Croydon are the first London restaurants

    Wendy's are returning to the UK - London restaurants are incoming 

    18/11/21 - Updated with news of the Croydon opening

    It's been a long time, but, US burger chain Wendy's is back on these shores - and opening in London too. They originally opened in Reading but their first London restaurant was Stratford Shopping Centre (note, not Westfield, the other one) - the opening salvo of their re-entry to London. It's been almost 20 years

  • MEATliquor's Clapham bar and diner is one of their biggest yet

    MEATliquor's Clapham restaurant is their biggest yet

    As they reach their 10th birthday, a new MEATliquor has arrived. This time they've opened in Clapham and it's a bit on the big side.

  • The National Burger Day party is coming back to London

    national burger day 2021 london

    26/8/21 - updated with all the burger details

    It's so nice to see the big food events coming back to life, isn't it? After last year's craziness, one of our favourites - the National Burger Day Party - is returning with a vengeance for 2021. The event devoted to all things burger related is going to have a central event in the heart of London.

    This year, they'll be taking over Vinegar Yard at London


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