• Anime-themed restaurant Uzumaki is heading to Bloomsbury

    uzumaki anime restaurant off tottenham court road

    Last year you may have spotted the arrival of London's first anime-themed ramen restaurant, Uzumaki. It popped up on High Holborn serving a selection of ramen, sushi and bubble team in a Naruto-themed restaurant. And when we say anime themed, we really mean anime-all-in because the restaurant became known for its cosplay and ramen promotions where customers were encouraged to turn up dressed as their

  • Ichiba opens a sake and oyster bar at Westfield London

    sake and oyster bar ichiba westfield

    If your idea of a good shopping trip is one interspersed with multiple pitstops to eat and drink, then Ichiba's new addition at Westfield London is worthy of note.

    Japan Centre Ichiba recently opened a sake and oyster bar at its food hall there. On offer you 'll find over 20 sakes to choose from which they're serving up with fresh Jersey oysters. You'll get two for a fiver served with ponzu sauce to go with your

  • Flesh & Buns head to Kensington for their latest restaurant

    flesh and buns kensington london

    25/2/22 - updated with launch details

    Flesh & Buns are heading west for their third restaurant, opening up their latest just off High Street Kensington. Taking over what was previously Sticky Fingers on Phillimore Gardens, the new site will be their biggest yet and will offer Flesh & Buns’ usual Japanese izakaya and Nikkei-inspired dishes, along with whisky, sake, and beers for the full

  • Test Driving Dai Chi - deep-fried skewer action in Soho


    The people behind Dalston's Angelina have come to Soho with Dai Chi, a restaurant that's all about deep-fried skewers. We went down to try it out. 

  • Fuwa Fuwa bring their Japanese soufflé pancakes to Soho

    fuwa fuwa soho london

    If you're on Food Tok you'll know that Japanese souffle pancakes are A Big Thing. There are countless videos of the fluffy delights being flipped on the grill before being topped with all manner of sweet delights.

    There are two big players right now on the scene, Hefaure in Chinatown and Fuwa Fuwa at the Brunswick Centre. And now Fuwa Fuwa has moved into town, having opened their second store in the heart of Soho just a few weeks

  • Hot Stone relaunches in Fitzrovia as RAI and it's all about omakase

    Hot Stone relaunches in Fitzrovia as RAI and it's all about omakase

    Mid-pandemic, Hot Stone launched their second restaurant in Fitzrovia - but now it's getting a relaunch as a completely new restaurant called RAI.

    Still led by their Executive Chef Padam Raj, It'll be a full omakase-style tasting menu affair, combining primarily Japanese and British ingredients. Particular attention is being paid to high-grade sourcing from Japan,

  • Tokyo's Kobe beef specialists Aragawa are heading to London

    aragawa steakhouse mayfair london

    London's carnivores with big pockets have a new treat coming their way this summer. One of Tokyo's most prestigious restaurants is opening its first restaurant outside Japan, in Mayfair.

    According to The Telegraph, Aragawa will be taking over the old Miyama site

  • Daisuke Hayashi is opening Roketsu Kaiseki restaurant in Marylebone

    Daisuke Hayashi to preview Roketsu restaurant at Brown's Hotel

    22/11/21 - updated with the opening date

    After previewing the restaurant in a residency at Brown's, chef Daisuke Hayashi is getting ready to open Roketsu in Marylebone.

    Hayashi came to London after training at the Kikunoi Ryotei restaurant in Kyoto and as a protege of seven-Michelin-starred chef Yoshihiro Murata. He has since been

  • Dai Chi sees the Angelina team deep frying skewers in Soho

    Dai Chi sees the Angelina team deep frying skewers in Soho

    A Hot Dinners exclusive

    The people behind Angelina are getting ready to launch something a bit different in Soho. It's taking over the spot they previously opened as the bar Golden Gai, which is now going to be transformed and relaunched as their second restaurant - Dai Chi.

    Dai Chi will be all about bringing Osaka's kushikatsu dining to Soho (that's kushi for

  • Yatay is a new Japanese grill restaurant for Soho

    Yatay is a new Japanese grill restaurant for Soho

    Taking the place of Ichibuns in Chinatown, Yatay is a new Japanese robatayaki grill restaurant, inspired by the izakayas and street vendors of Tokyo (indeed, ‘Yatay’ is a reference to those very street vendors).

    In addition to the aforementioned grilling, pickling and fermenting will be a big thing on the menu by Head Chef Marco Ardemagni, who comes from Sushisamba. That

  • Katsute100 Japanese tea room arrives on Brick Lane

    katsute100 brick lane

    7/6/21 - amended with new opening date

    Islington's Japanese tea room Katsute100 is on the move - they're opening a second tea room, this time in Shoreditch.

    So, if you're on Brick Lane and suddenly get a craving for green tea and matcha crepe cake, this'll be the place to come. The new tea room and cafe will offer the same menu as their original Camden Passage space, so think fruit katsu sandos, nerikiri

  • Sachi Japanese restaurant comes to Pantechnicon

    Sachi Japanese restaurant comes to Pantechnicon

    It's been nearly a year since the huge Pantechnicon opened in Belgravia. While much of the building has been opened since then (when allowed), the basement restaurant, Sachi is only now getting ready to be unveiled. 

    The food carries on the Nordic and Japanese theme of the rest of the building. It's led by Head Chef Collin Hudson (previously Dinings and  Roka) who'll be working alongside

  • Junsei brings yakitori to Marylebone

    Junsei brings yakitori to Marylebone

    Junsei is all about yakitori skewers cooked over Binchōtan Japanese Charcoal. There are over 20 skewers available, not to mention charcoal seared Wagyu and more...

  • Japanese izakaya Apothecary takes over from Merchants Tavern in Shoreditch

    apothecary shoreditch restaurant and bar

    Expect cocktails, sushi and DJ sessions from this Japanese spot in Shoreditch

  • Mochi blew up TikTok, so expect London's first mochi bar at Japan Centre to be popular

    mochi bar japan centre london

    One of the oddest/fun things about TikTok is the way the platform creates viral food trends - like the baked feta pasta dish or the insane craze for Little Moons ice-cream mochi, which led to the dessert being about as hard to find in London as a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Highs.

    With that in mind, we're pretty sure that the arrival of London's first dedicated mochi bar, which opened this week, is going to do


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