London Fields

  • Billy Smokes brings Tex/Brit BBQ to London Field’s Institute of Light

    If you’re the sort of Londoner who thinks browsing vinyls and watching a film with your BBQ’d dinner sounds just great, then you’ll be wanting to head to Hackney Fields hipster hub the Institute of Light, which is just about to launch a residency with Billy Smokes.

    Operating out of what IOL dubs “one of the coolest terraces in London Fields”, Billy Smokes will be dishing up all the usually summery BBQ


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  • Saiphin's Thai Kitchen

    What: Saiphin’s Thai Kitchen

    In a nutshell: More Thai treats from the duo behind Rosa’s, with takeaway and delivery.

    Summing it all up: The unstoppable force that seem to be the Saiphin and Alex Moore are at it again, this time launching a new brand offshoot they’ve dubbed Saiphin’s Thai Kitchen, which will be dishing out lots of the Rosa’s classics from a new base in London Fields.

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  • London Field’s Tuck Shop has co-working, chef residencies and kitchens-for-hire

    What: Tuck Shop

    In a nutshell: A new East London co-working space with an attached kitchen

    Summing it all up: Those working in the food industry (and those not), have a new workspace in London Fields called Tuck Shop, with kitchen residencies on rotation. First up: Burmese food.

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  • rioboteco

    Updated 3/6/16 with soft launch details

    In perfect time for the Olympics in Rio this summer is a Brazilian popup hitting London Fields. Rio Boteco is described as a Brazilian corner shop pub and it's part of a new cinema/record store/coffee shop and bookshop space next door to Climpson's Arch called the Institute of Light.

    Devised by Brazilian event organisers MargoCamilo, what you're looking at for Rio Boteco is a menu of tapas and


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  • Danish bakery The Bread Station comes to London Fields from Christoffer Hruskova

    A new bakery is opening in London Fields that sounds VERY interesting. The Bread Station is billed as a Traditional Danish bakery and particularly noteworthy is that it's coming from Christoffer Hruskova. He's best known for being the Michelin-starred chef behind the late lamented North Road - so we're assured of quality here. 

    The Bread Station follows Danish baking principles and natural


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  • 03 elloryThe former Mayfields chef has teamed up with the former Spring sommelier for a glowing future in London Fields

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  • ellory

    12/11 Updated with opening date

    More info has come through - we now know...

    • It'll seat 48 and open on 20 November
    • There will be the option to drop in for single plates or a five course tasting menu (£38)
    • Dishes include:
      • Scallops, citrus and anise; Puntarelle, anchovies and spenwood
      • Turbot, chestnuts and pumpkin
      • Chicken, chicory and carrot
      • Caramelised citrus with ginger ice

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  • mortyandbobsub

    From pop-up, to permanant site: after two years on the street food and festival scene, Night Tales has found a new home in the heart of London Fields, just down the road from Broadway Market. In the midst of a maze of 1960s studio buildings, they're opening a new cocktail bar, NT's: nestled between the North Eastern railway arches and Netil House.

    Once you've found the right door, dialled 207 on the buzzer and clambered up to the second floor, there


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  • Lombardy restaurant Il Cudega to open in Hackney

    Updated 23/9/15 with soft launch and opening details.

    Think Lombardy and think Milan: one of the top foodie destinations in Italy - and now coming to Hackney with a new deli, wine bar and restaurant dedicated entirely to the region opening in London Fields.

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