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Blacklock City

Blacklock City

Blacklock, famed for their chops, are in the City for their second restaurant. Expect an extended menu with new cuts, starters, and their all-important cocktails in a 100-cover restaurant with reservations available too.

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Test Driving Blacklock in the City - chops, cocktails for a fiver and all the hits
Lucky City folk now have a new Blacklock to enjoy - we popped along to see how the Blacklock vibes survived the move East. ...

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Address: 13 Philpot Lane, London EC3M 1DE

Telephone number: 020 7998 7676

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Nearest Station: Monument

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Critic reviews - total score 6 out of 10

Critics' score: 6
Steve Dinneen City AM Estimated score
Reviewed on April 12, 2017
"They were fine chops. Good meat, well cooked; the lamb pink as a rosy cheek, the pork fat almost liquid beneath the crispy exterior. If you simply must eat chops, this is the place. But after about a chop and a half, I was done. Sure, you can order sides and sauce, but I craved a marinade and some carbs. Anything but more chops." READ REVIEW


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