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Modern European | Soho, Fitzrovia, Covent Garden

This was Yotam Ottolenghi's first full-blown London restaurant, following in the footsteps of his still-crazily popular delis. Expect plenty of sharing dishes - there's also two communal dining/chef's tables in the basement.

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21-22 Warwick Street, London W1B 5NE
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  • Leicester Square
  • Piccadilly Circus
Telephone number: 020 7494 9584
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21-22 Warwick Street, London W1B 5NE


Critic reviews - total score 7 out of 10

Critics' score: 6
Chris Pople Cheese & Biscuits
Reviewed on March 17, 2014
"And yes I know central London rents are higher but I also happen to know that at Peckham Bazaar (currently closed for renovation, but back open in April), a much more impressive range of Eastern Mediterranean dishes are being produced for a fraction of the cost." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 6
AA Gill Sunday Times
Reviewed on October 02, 2011
"The good things were fine, the more actual cooking that was involved, the more surely the dishes defeated the kitchen. The service was charm itself." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 6
Zoe Williams Telegraph
Reviewed on May 15, 2011
"The truth is that the first three dishes, against this background of expectation, were such a disappointment mingled with surprise that I can only technically describe them as a shock." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Marina O'Loughlin Metro
Reviewed on May 11, 2011
"...I go back for dinner and now reckon it’s one of the most interesting, affable and, yes, delicious openings in recent times." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 6
Giles Coren Times
Reviewed on April 09, 2011
"“The thing about Ottolenghi,” said Esther... “is that he uses the same ingredients in everything. He uses wonderful stuff ...but every plateful has so many ingredients that 94 per cent of the DNA of each dish is identical, the difference between two main courses is only ever as different as a mule from a donkey."" READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Jay Rayner Observer Estimated score
Reviewed on April 03, 2011
"...what he already does at the delis is so perfectly poised, in such damn good taste, that it's tricky to see how it could be elaborated on. If you already love Yotam Ottolenghi's cooking you will not find a better version at Nopi." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 7.5
Tracey MacLeod Independent
Reviewed on March 19, 2011
"All the dishes look beautiful, for as long as they last; as with Ottolenghi, this is chick food – big flavours, few carbs." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Lisa Markwell Independent
Reviewed by March 06, 2011
"The buzzing atmosphere, dazzling food and attentive staff make Nopi a very attractive proposition... For food at this level of cooking, the price is not unreasonable, but it does elevate it to an occasional, special occasional, treat." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Guy Dimond Time Out
Reviewed on March 03, 2011
"It was the simplest dishes that worked best. Chunks of kohlrabi were cut like an apple and served raw, with a simple dip of mint-flavoured soured cream." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 6
David Sexton Evening Standard
Reviewed on March 03, 2011
"Nopi offers full service at table of small dishes, divided unpretentiously into meat, fish, veg and sweets, advising on the menu... And they turned out to be very hit-and-miss, surprisingly." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Stephen Farmer View London
Reviewed on February 24, 2011
"This is another pleasing antidote to ostentatious cooking from someone who really knows his stuff." READ REVIEW


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