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Trying out Street Kitchen in the CityStreet Kitchen, the travelling gourmet Airstream van dishing up lunch for Londoners has a new pop-up home nestled in the heart of the City, and Hot Dinners was invited along to check it out.

A breath of fresh air for workers tired of Pret A Manger salads, Street Kitchen first caught everyone’s eye at the London Restaurant Festival. Since then, it’s been quietly popping up all over the capital with its emphasis on 100% UK ingredients sourced directly from farms.  Sheltering in the shadow of towering banks in Finsbury Avenue Square in Broadgate, owners Jun Tanaka, executive chef at Pearl Restaurant & Bar, and Mark Jankel, chef and founder of The Food Initiative, may have discovered the perfect trifecta of London street food:  summery weather, plenty of outdoor seating and a constant supply of hungry bankers.

“We decided to concentrate on privately owned land,” Jun told us about the new location as he dished up another serving. “The owners in Broadgate saw what we could do at the London Street Festival and wanted to get involved.

“They’ve let us define the menu and experience and we’re excited about our first stop in the City.”

This time around, the menu blends the best of summer and winter. We tried out a generous portion of slow-cooked lamb with a light tomato and goats cheese salad, drizzled in pesto for £7.50, and a crispy mackerel served with marinated beetroot, crushed potatoes and horseradish dressing for a lunch-friendly £6.50. For the extra hungry city worker, a mini Eton mess, matching chewy meringues with strawberries and cream at £4.50, is available for an especially decadent lunch.

“In a restaurant setting you’re only limited by your imagination, but here we have to think not only about a good menu but one that serves 400 people at the same time,” added Jun. “We love the challenge!”

Street Kitchen will be popping up at Finsbury Avenue Square (next to Gaucho Broadgate) Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30. For more information follow @StreetKitchen on Twitter

Prices are correct at time of writing. Hot Dinners was invited to eat at Street Kitchen.

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