Test Driving the steak for a tenner at Flat Iron in Shoreditch

flat iron1The sirloin.

What can you tell us about Flat Iron?

It's best summed up as an affordable steakhouse. Set up by Charlie Carroll after a successful residency a few years back, Flat Iron has taken the London restaurant scene by storm. This is their fourth London spot and sees them return to Shoreditch, the site of their original residency.

Where is it?

It's on Curtain Road, just a few minutes walk from Shoreditch High Street or Liverpool Street stations. 

What's special about the Shoreditch restaurant?

It's the huge spit roast that dominates the back of the restaurant, where you'll see some massive chunks of meat that will go on the specials list. However, if you're coming for this specifically, you may want to check on Twitter that it's running. Tragically, it wasn't when we visited. Still, that's a reason to go back - and we still had plenty to work our way through in the meantime.

Where should we have a pre/post dinner drink?

A good bet is nearby Dinerama for a cocktail (and maybe worth a visit for dessert too) but we took the opportunity to pop into the wonderful Clove Club for an after-dinner cocktail. So if you haven't been there - take this opportunity to pop in.

flat iron2The signature flat iron steak.

So how does the menu work?

It's about as simple as it gets - the main attraction is the flat iron steak served with a salad for the bargainous sum of £10. It's pretty much the best value steak in town and all from their own cows too. You'll want to grab the dripping cooked chips (£2.50) and the roasted aubergine alongside that too (£3.50) or some creamed spinach (£3). 

But we think the specials board here is well worth your attention. While the flat iron steak was good - the larger special of the sirloin was an outstanding piece of meat. Obviously, order something from the spit as an absolute priority, if you can.

Dessert is a quick squirt of caramel cream (with salt on the side). 

flat iron4Caramel cream and salt.

How about drinks?

Very much as affordable as the steak - prices start at £2.75 for 125 ml (£16.50 for 750ml) of their house wine - going up to £38 for their grower Champagne. Or you can grab a cocktail from £5.


They've expanded quite a bit over the past few years but Flat Iron is going strong. Pop in for good affordable steaks, but treat yourself to their specials for something great. 

Flat Iron Shoreditch is at 77 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3BS. Find out more

Hot Dinners were invited to Flat Iron. Prices are correct at the time of writing.