Test Driving Chick n Sours Seven Dials

mexineseMexinese nachos

What can you tell us about Chick n Sours?

If you've been to the Dalston original, you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect here. So that's some of the best fried chicken we've had in town, combined with great snacks. We've been very taken by their excellent Szechuan Aubergine dish in the past, for instance. 

Where is the Seven Dials site?

Well, it's MUCH more central than their Dalston spot, that's for sure. So if you haven't managed to make it out east yet, you now have no excuse. It's just off Shaftesbury Avenue, around the corner from Ape and Bird. 

What's different about the new spot?

Seven Dials is a basement spot (with the kitchen upstairs) and It's bigger than the original, that's for sure, including a few spots to sit up by the bar if you want. And as with Haggerston, you can book the odd table as well as walk-in, but expect your chances of grabbing a booking here to be much higher. You'll also be able to get a bigger sized group sitting together in the new place too. 

They're also open seven days a week, while Dalston is closed on Monday. So if you need a Monday Chick n Sours fix, come here.

auberginesTHAT aubergine dish. We never tire of it. 

And what's new to the menu?

Some of the best bits of the Dalston menu have crossed over to Seven Dials. So there's still the mighty Szechuan Aubergine dish as well as the guest and house fries, and the HUGE K-Pop Korean chicken burger.  

But, most importantly, there are new things to try on the menu. We would, of course, recommend trying them all

  • The Mexinese Nachos (Chengdu chicken ‘n’ bacon, green chilli, kimchi cheese) - definitely some of the best nachos we've had in a while. The Chinese touch definitely elevating the dish considerably. 
  • The Hot and sour pineapple - a new starter. Cold pineapple chunks in a spicy sour sauce. It takes some getting used to but quickly becomes very moreish. 
  • The Chicken Tenders with Xian Xian spice, coriander & sesame - a spicier version of their tenders. Best paired with the sriracha sour cream, we feel. 
  • The Colonel (fried thigh, buttermilk & herb mayo, cheese, lettuce & pickles). This is essentially their version of the chicken sandwich you may find at a certain three letter acronymed chicken spot. But SO MUCH better. And, as with much at Chick n Sours, huge too. 

Takeaway is planned before too long - so it'll be a must visit for nearby workers. 

burgerThe Colonel  - fried thigh, buttermilk & herb mayo, cheese, lettuce & pickles

And drink?

Well, it has to be the sours, of course. They're still great value, even though you're bang in the centre of town, so have as many of these as you can handle. And we were pretty impressed with the wine too (Vinnatoro, natural, white at £4.50/£18).

And if we're having drinks before/after?

There's almost too much to choose from nearby, but the best bets are the pub section of Ape and Bird, the teeny Bar Termini if you can get in, or a small walk to Ten Cases. 


The food is just as good as it is out in Dalston, but it's slightly bigger and easier to get to. So it's a winner in our eyes. 

Chick n Sours Seven Dials is at 1a Earlham Street, Seven Dials, WC2H 9LL. Find out more about Chick n Sours.