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If you’re a sushi fiend, you’ll know the cravings are likely to strike at any time. You could be sitting at your desk or going from A to B and suddenly you’ll find yourself with a desire for fresh fish, cold, sticky rice and nose-clearing amounts of wasabi. No soggy sandwich or pasta salad can come close. At these times, wouldn't it be nice to whip out your rolling mat and create your own California rolls? With Nobu’s new private sushi masterclass you can learn all the skills you need to make a sushi platter to remember.

We were guided through our own masterclass by a private chef, who started off by showing us rather impressively how to de-bone a seabass. Almost all of Nobu’s fish is sourced from inside Europe, ensuring it is as fresh as possible for your sashimi. The attention given to sourcing quality ingredients elevates the sushi to something unforgettable.

Our sushi chef talked us through every step of the process of making California rolls, nigiri and maki. Unfortunately, our creations were slightly less Nobu-worthy than his, but he was on hand for any assistance and to answer our questions about the ingredients. While our sushi wasn’t going to win any awards for its beauty, it was surprisingly simple to make. We definitely felt confident to replicate some of the sushi at home - especially with the lovely Nobu sushi making kit we were given to take home.

Once the sushi was made we tucked in and washed it down with copious amounts of sake. Well, when at Nobu…

Sushi masterclasses are held monthly at Nobu London, 19 Old Park Lane, London W1K 1LB. Upcoming dates are Monday, 18 January 2016, Monday, 22 February 2016 and Monday, 14 March 2016. Find out more here

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