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Hold on - haven't you already done the Shard?

Yes, we have tried every restaurant in the building so far, but on hearing that Aqua Shard had started doing breakfast, we figured it was time to return to the love it or loathe it building and see how they did the first meal of the day.

Sounds like a swanky kind of place for a business breakfast.

You'd think so and certainly there were a lot of suits around, but turns out it's also a bit of a different place for a date with plenty of couples enjoying eggs over easy conversation (see what we did there?)

So what did you have?

There's plenty in the way of fruit and pastries on the menu, but we didn't dawdle over those too much except for ordering a fresh OJ and a splendid fruit punch which must have provided at least four of our five a day requirements. A few brilliantly strong flat whites completed the liquid element of our order - we were mildly tempted by but managed to resist the morning elixirs which included a breakfast Martini, Mimosa and an inventive Morning Glory Cup complete with Kellogg's cornflake and almond milk syrup and vanilla vodka.

Hot Dinners Senior plumped for the full English Shard Breakfast which turned out to be a platter groaning with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, vine tomatoes, mushrooms, smoked ham hock canellini beans, hash browns, toasted sourdough and - a nice touch - Bermondsey salted ricotta. For £14.50 it was essentially two meals in one and he certainly couldn't even think of eating until late afternoon after this. I plumped for the lobster benedict - which featured a really generous amount of Colchester Blue lobster and perfectly poached eggs (not always a given even in the best of restaurants) for £18.

It was good then?

Really good in a way that almost (but not quite) made the jaw dropping view here incidental. There's a tonne of stuff on the menu here we'd like to go back for - the kedgeree, granola with organic sheeps milk panna cotta, the bacon bap with Ginger Pig streaky bacon and brown sauce.

Breakfast is served at Aqua Shard 7.00-10.30am Monday to Friday and 8.30-10.30am on Saturday and Sunday..


Prices were correct at time of writing. Hot Dinners ate as guests of Aqua.




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