We stop by Dandelyan, The World’s Best bar, to sample their final cocktail menu

allcocktailsThe full line-up of the final cocktails list at Dandelyan

In case you hadn’t already heard, Dandelyan, recently crowned World’s Best Bar 2018 is set to close in March 2019. We stopped by last week to check out their fifth and final menu. Here are our recommendations for what you should try before they serve their final round.

Over the past four years Ryan Chetiyawardana and the Dandelyan team have, through their cocktail menus, explored the world of plants and botany from a nerdy, but often lighthearted perspective.

As we’ve come to expect from Ryan and his team, the drinks at Dandelyan major on exotic flavours and unexpected combinations. Their final menu, The Modern Life of Plants continues this theme. Based around three core ingredients, mint, hops, and grapes, the cocktail menu asks drinkers to ponder aspects of the future of food and sustainability whilst sipping these undeniably delicious drinks.    

We’ve always found the service at Dandelyan to be swift - but their recent accolade seems to have lifted the team to another level with both drinks and food arriving in record time – all despite the bar being at capacity.

The snappy delivery of drinks also leaves more time for the bar team to chat in more detail about the drinks, the thought process behind them and how a few of the esoteric ingredients (such as clay, pollen and even cardboard) have ended up in your glass.

Here's what we had on our visit:

genomeGuardians of the Genome – Maker’s Mark bourbon, eucalyptus, walnut orgeat, mango and peppermint. The team also serve  a boozeless version made with Seedlip. £13

resupplyRe-supply sour – Koji liquor, Compass Box Whisky, raspberry and nutrient-enriched cardboard. Food of the future? £13.

spacefixSpace Fix – VSOP Cognac, yellow pepper, sherry, sparkling passionfruit wine. Inspired by the favourite drink of Russian cosmonauts - £13.50 (and a Concrete Sazerac too). 

kojiHardcore Dandelyan fans will also be pleased to see that a selection of their most regular crowd-pleasing cocktails including the Koji Hardshake (pictured and a must-try, in our opinion) and the Bee Pollen Negroni. 

We’re delighted to see that Dandelyan is still well and truly at the top of their game and if you’ve never had the chance to visit – it really is now or never. 


More about Dandelyan

Where is it? 20 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD

How long have we got to visit? Dandelyan is scheduled to close at the end of March 2019.

How to book: Book online or call on 020 3747 1063.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @dandelyanbar.


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