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Zia Lucia, A new pizza place is coming to Holloway Road

07/06/16 - Updated with soft launch info.

We've been in the Islington area for a long time now and we've really noticed that the past few years or so have seen a real improvement in Holloway Road's food scene. So we look with interest to the opening of a new pizzeria, Zia Lucia, which is different enough to get our attention...  

The pizza bases are 48-hour slow fermented doughs. And there are four options to choose from - we're particularly interested in the one with a vegetable charcoal black base. There will be gluten free options too. 

Wood-fired pizzas come from an oven handcrafted in Naples. In that oven, within the open pizza kitchen, they'll have the Italian classics as well as white pizzas and toppings that include pecorino cheese, truffle honey, asparagus, spicy orange sauce and toasted almonds. And they're planning a "pizza dessert". 

Drinks will be spritzers, Negronis and more. Expect a lot of Prosecco. 

Zia Lucia opens 11 June at 157 Holloway Road, London N7 8LX. They'll have a soft launch with 50% off pizzas until 16 June. You'll have to book in advance by emailing For more, follow them on Twitter @zialuciapizza.

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