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Young Turks take over Frank's Cafe for their next eventHaving been a storming success in Canary Wharf, the Young Turks (James Lowe and Isaac McHale) have announced their next event.  They'll be taking over the Peckham pop-up Frank's Cafe and Campari Bar (on the roof of a Peckham multi-storey car park) for a couple of nights next week.

James Lowe says: "The kitchen space is a bit different so we're going to be taking full advantage of the large grill to bring you more casual food....think Young Turks Ocakbasi....kind of.  Food will be shared and hands will be used.  Expect grouse sausages, ceps, greengages, lamb's heart and other seasonal bits served across the communal tables.  All this will be alongside the usual impeccable selection of cocktails, wines and beers from the team at Frank’s.  Daniel and Johnny from The Clove Club will be looking after everyone with music and vibes as only they know how!"

Tickets are priced at £26 per head for food with a £1 donation to Save the Children. To book, email

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