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There’s little more warming than a big steaming bowl of salty ramen, making the arrival of Yamagoya’s six-month pop-up in December well timed indeed.

The Japanese noodle slingers will be bringing their array of traditional soups to frost-bitten London diners for the first time, including their eponymous Yamagoya ramen. For £12.50, you’ll be able to get a bowl of their homemade noodles immersed in tonkotsu broth, topped with chashu pork belly, marinaded bamboo shoots, a burford brown egg and the all important crunchy nori seaweed garnish. Fans of spicier food will have the option of the fiery Tobanjan for £11.50 which comes loaded with chilli pepper, or the Yuzukara for £13, a green tonkotsu broth with pork and a salt paste made from citrusy Yuzu and hot green chillies. Pick and mix your toppings from glazed pork, seared chicken and tofu, kimchi, nori or takana - pickled mustard leaves.

If you fancy a few sides to round things off, there’ll be several classic menu items to choose from, including gyoza, fried chicken karaage with yuzu mayo and a selection of salads for £3, including hijiki seaweed with edamame, okra with salted plum, or gooey goma seaweed.

Yamagoya opens on 5 December above Shuang Shuang at 64 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6LU. It’ll be open Monday - Thursday: 12-3pm, 5.30-11pm, Friday 12-3pm, 5.30pm-11.30pm, Sat, 12-11.30pm. Follow Yamagoya on Twitter at @YamagoyaUK @yamagoyauk and Instagram @yamagoyauk

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