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Prepare to have your Instagram feed flooded. From next week, the ramen popup Yamagoya on Shaftesbury Avenue will be introducing Londoners to the raindrop cake.

This rather beautiful creation is a cult Japanese dish - mizu shingen mochi, made in the shape of a water droplet. It's made from special agar powder and is served up with sweet molasses syrup (Kuromitsu) and kinako (roasted soybean flour) for dipping. It's quite literally a melt in your mouth dessert and is designed to cool the palate after eating ramen.

What: The Raindrop cake

Where: Yamagoya, 64 Shaftesbury Avenue (entrance via Shuang Shuang), London W1D 6LU

When: From May 15 2017

How much: £2.30 per cake with just 20 cakes available each day.

More info: Keep up with their news on Twitter @YamagoyaUK

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