We dive into Sexy Fish's Mayfair new sustainable cocktail menu


Sexy Fish, one of Mayfair's busiest and unashamedly flamboyant venues is looking to change their image (before you panic, rest assured - the wagyu gyoza aren't going anywhere). With a renewed focus on zero waste and use of sustainable ingredients, the team are now looking to step up the profile of The Bar.

Led by Caprice Holdings' bar director Xavier Landais, The Bar at Sexy Fish has recently launched 'Cocktails to Whet your Senses', the latest edition of their drinks menu. A list of 21 new signature drinks, the menu is styled as a ‘cocktail cookbook’, a lighthearted approach towards removing some of the myth and secrecy behind the cocktail making process. To this end, the ‘cookbook’, a selection of esoteric ingredients and every piece of glassware used are available to purchase - great news for fledging home bartenders.

We popped by recently to sample a few of their prized catches (sorry). It's been almost two years since our last visit and crowds are still flocking here. It's a Tuesday night and by 7pm, the bar area is standing room only – we strongly recommend trying to book.

Once seated one of the team will glide over and walk you through the menu. The menu is mapped out according to flavour and style, but the team’s recommendations were, in our experience, reassuringly accurate.


Diving in, some of the best drinks we tried included:

Szechuan Highball - An exotic vodka soda concoction brought to life a Szechuan peppercorn infusion, an excellent drink to start with (£12)

Siren's Call - Introduced to us as 'Something for the lady', this floral and zesty combination uses St-Germain elderflower liqueur, mango but also involves bergamot and Sassy Pear Cidre to balance it all, served with monogrammed ice (£14)

Soupe du Jour - Served in a Miso soup bowl, this standout drink is a lesson in umami, Japanese whisky with a dash of miso - not as crazy as it sounds and fans of salted caramel will have a hint at where this is headed. The drink is lifted with the addition of an Italian bergamot liqueur and a strapping French liqueur (£18)

Monolith - Not your regular after work tipple, this cocktails serving vessel wouldn't go amiss as a prop from the Black Panther movie and is suitably luxe. This shimmering blend of Zacapa 23 Guatemalan rum, balsamic, chamomile, rosemary and lavender is poured at the table over a frozen pebble, of course (£17)

The winning numbers were definitely the deeper drinks and great to see a number of more complex drinks which successfully incorporate bitter and umami elements along with the crowdpleasers. The bar menu should also be noted - it’s got all of the hit dishes, perfect for those struggling to snag a reservation, don’t miss the prawn or wagyu gyoza and a plate of kimchi fried rice is certainly just the tonic after a few of these punchy drinks.

Hot Dinners were invited to Sexy Fish. Prices were correct at the time of writing.


More about Sexy Fish

Where is it? Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6BR

How to book: Call 020 3764 2000

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @sexyfishlondon/


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