Veggie Pret has opened in Shoreditch - here's what's on the menu


What: Veggie Pret Shoreditch

In a nutshell: Pret's veggie option expands

Summing it all up: London's vegetarians and vegans get a second permanent Veggie Pret store in the heart of Shoreditch with more dishes launched


The low-down


Following on from the success of their first vegetarian branch in Soho, Pret have opened a second Veggie Pret, this time in Shoreditch. On the menu you'll find all manner of veggie and vegan treats with 20 new dishes in total. Expect a lot of Instagram love for the vegan mac 'n' greens and vegan salted caramel brownies.

To drink new options include a Matcha Coconut Latte, almond milk coffees, and Organic Kombucha on tap.

The full list of new items are as follows;

  • Mac and Greens, £5.75, vegan
  • Vegan Chocolate Brownie, £2,50, vegan
  • Green Smoothie Breakfast Bowl, £2.99, vegan
  • Dairy-Free Chocolate Chia Pot, £2.25, vegan
  • Banana, Blueberry & Almond Butter Toasted Tortilla, £3.99, vegan
  • Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut Pot, £2.49, vegan
  • Falafel, Halloumi & Pickle Brioche, £4.25, veggie
  • Avocado & Beans Toasted Tortilla, £3.99, vegan
  • Avo & Chipotle Chickpeas Hot Wrap, £4.25, veggie
  • Grilled Artichoke & Olive Tapenade Flat Bread, £3.75, vegan
  • Crunchy Veggie Banh Mi Baguette, £3.45, vegan
  • Spicy Butternut & Pistachio Wrap, £3.25, veggie
  • Super Beans & Red Pepper Veggie Pot, £2.49, vegan
  • Poached Egg & Avocado Protein Pot, £2.49, veggie
  • Organic Kombucha, £2.95, vegan
  • Matcha Coconut Latte, £2,75, vegan

If you don't live or work near either of these branches but are still after some veggie treats, we're assured that Pret has just launched seven new veggie and vegan options across all of its UK shops. Oh, and their monthly Chef’s Specials will be veggie or vegan until September.

More about Veggie Pret Shoreditch

Where is it? 57 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3QD

When does it open? Open now

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @pret