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Turin pasta specialists Savure are coming to London

A new spot for eating and buying pasta is coming to Shoreditch. Savure hails from Turin, where they have a Pastificio con Cucina shop - and they'll be bringing that over to the UK. All the pasta will be created on-site (and on view) in their Il Pastificio pasta lab. You'll be able to take home the fruits of that, which will mean apparently 200 different combinations by combining the pasta and sauces as you please. Some for the pasta on offer includes:

  • From the Piedmont region, the Agnolotti Savurè, a ravioli egg pasta filled with three Italian meats, Mediterranean herbs and spices
  • From Turin, the Tajarin will also feature, a long extra thin flat egg pasta dish.

And sauces inclide "trionfo di verdure" a sauce made with tomato, courgettes, potatoes, eggplants and pepper and "ragu di carne chianina" a sauce made with chianina beef, tomato and red wine. And on top of that, there will be more Italian products to take home. And everything can be eaten in the restaurant too, including some af fresco dining. 

Savure opens at 20 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4JU in Summer. For more, follow them on Instagram @savure_pasta.

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