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trulloAs Islington locals might have noticed, the very popular local restaurant Trullo is going through a big revamp at the moment. We caught up with Trullo's Tim Siadatan to find out what we can expect from the revamp.

Following their fourth Christmas, the team decided to take the time to make a few key changes to the building. Spurred on by the need to change the extractor fan ("we thought it was too loud so although no one's complained, we thought the customers must think the same") they've made wholesale changes throughout the building. 

While the upstairs area is getting completely new furniture and banquettes, downstairs is seeing the brunt of the changes. The bar is being removed and the whole place is redesigned to bring it more into line with the rest of the restaurant. The key aim is to create a specific vibe downstairs that rivals or even beats eating on the ground floor. 

As for the menu, it'll remain the same - in that it will change all the time as before.

Trullo (upstairs) reopens on Friday 10th January and the downstairs area will follow at the end of January. Find out more about Trullo

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