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brindisaIf you’re a fan of Ibérico pork (or all things piggy), then you’ll want to pay a visit to Tramontana Brindisa this month. In celebration of the traditional winter slaughter of the pig, known in Spain as ‘La Matanza’, the Shoreditch restaurant has created a special menu to showcase a range of produce made from the various cuts of that fine animal.

These include presa, a tender piece of loin marbled with fat; morcilla, a black pudding; solomilla, a very lean tenderloin; and sobrasada, a smooth pate made from finely minced Ibérico pork and spices. The menu will be served as a selection to share, so you’ll be sure to get a hearty taste of all the pig has to offer.

If you've ever wondered exactly why the Ibérico pig is worthy of such fanfare, know that these are no ordinary pigs. Their meat is renowned worldwide due to its strict production standards and the pigs’ unique diet. The animals roam the encina oak forests of western Spain in the autumn and winter, feasting on acorns until they reach the required weight of 160kg. 

As the acorn season ends in January, so the Ibérico pork season begins, and at this time of year the meat is at its absolute best. The special menu starts in Shoreditch on Wednesday and will run from February 6 through to March, but only while supplies last.

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