Top international supperclubs partner in London for one-off dinners with Supperclub Summit

Supperclub Summit

[Updated 27/6 - booking now open]

The list of supperclubs throughout London continues to grow and many rival some of London's best restaurants. Now foodie Florian Siepert is using his company Foodtrips to bring them all together for a huge series of never-to-be-repeated dinners throughout August.

From August 1 - 25 at the Goethe-Institut in London (the institute which promotes German culture abroad) German, British and international supper clubs will be creating a series of special one-off dinners.  The dinners will include partnerships between international and British supperclubs - up to 20 teams of supperclub experts are getting involved.

Hot Dinners got the early inside info on some of the supperclubs involved including:

Backdoor Kitchen with The Owling Supperclub
London based Italian supperclub just off Maltby Street Market meets Londoner who runs her Lebanese/Mediterranean supper club out of Paris and Berlin

Rocket and Squash with Rollin Restaurant
London food writer, trained chef & former Young Turks stagee (who's also helping coordinate the whole event) meets German/Swedish modernists from Berlin.

Russian Revels
A night celebrating Eastern Block food culture from a Ukranian/Russian team.

Saffron and Salt with Zum Teufel mit den guten Vorsätzen & Küchengerüchte
Rhodesia meets Rhine when the "Queen of Cue" BBQ & Charcuterie specialist meets independent winemakers, chefs, designers and bloggers from Cologne and Düsseldorf.

Mama Lan PLUS Two Hungry Girls
The North London family enterprise that managed the transition to a bricks and mortar operation in Brixton Village meets the reigning champions of Chinese desserts.

This whole thing promises to be a quick sell out and an absolute must for London foodies looking to notch up some new experiences.  Tickets will are on sale now, so to make sure you get in early for your favourite and to see more of the supperclubs involved, go to their website.

The Supperclub Summit runs from August 1-25 at Goethe-Institut in London - 50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road  London SW7 2PH.