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tommisTommi's icelandic burger joint amassed a load of fans when it first opened on Marylebone Street in London. So when it closed prior to a move to more permanent premises, fans were left bereft. Happily for them, we hear they'll be reopening at 30 Thayer Street this July.

The 30-cover restaurant aims to keep things simple with a straightforward burger menu. The meat comes from HG Walter butchers in Barons Court, and bread from Millers Bakery in Wimbledon. The burgers will be cooked on an American gas grill to enhance the charcoal flavour. Toppings are the basic iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, chopped onion and Ketchup.

To go with the burgers there'll also be fries (obvs) as well as homemade Béarnaise and cocktail sauces. One new thing to join the menu in the new Marylebone location will be milkshakes.

Tommi's Burger Joint will open at 30 Thayer Street, London W1U 2QP on August 5. For more information follow them @BurgerJointUk

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