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The Laughing Heart late night wine bar opens on Hackney Road

Here's an East London opening you can expect to see the critics beating a path to soon. The Laughing Heart is a new late night wine bar, dining room and offy. So far, so very Hackney. But it's the folk behind it you need to take note of.

It's run by Australian Charlie Mellor who has been working on the floor at P Franco, Elliot's, Brawn and Primeur. Head chef is Tom Anglesea who comes here via Chiltern Firehouse, The Red Lion Inn, Rockpool, and Per Se. Front of house is Cedric Maillard who used to be Head Sommelier at Sager + Wilde. A pretty impressive team then. And what will make it an immediate hit with London's restaurant folk is that the kitchen will be open till 1am and the bar/off licence until 2am.

There's a basement wine shop serving up organic and biodynamic wine - half of which you can have for under £50 in the upstairs dining room or less than £30 to take away.

As for what's being served upstairs in the 40 seat wine bar, there'll be a 300 strong list of living wines (many of which you'll find in a ice-filled trough down the centre of the dining room) and a daily changing menu. Expect to see dishes like:

  • Rocky creek oyster with Serragghia vinegar
  • Cod's roe, furikake and crudite
  • House-cured Mangalitsa Lap Cheong
  • Rock oysters with Natural Wine granita
  • Isle of Mull scallop crudo
  • Line caught Cornish brill with xiao xing broth and rice
  • Fig and fennel tart

On Sundays they run a set lunch which is based on a Chinese banquet, You’ll get a dumpling set, some steamed fish, roasted meat. rice and greens for around the £32 mark depending on market prices.

The Laughing Heart is now open at 277 Hackney Road, London E2 8NA. The shop opens at 2pm Wednesday to Saturday and the bar from 7pm Wednesday to Saturday. On Sunday both open at noon and trade all day. To book, call 020 7686 9535 or book online here . For more, follow them on Instagram @thelaughingheart_london/.

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