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The Lampery at Tower Bridge is inspired by London’s history

What: The Lampery

In a nutshell: British-themed dishes and cocktails

Summing it all up: History buffs can celebrate the days gone by with the British-themed food and drink at The Lampery, a new restaurant that draws inspiration from Samuel Pepys’ favourite foods, who was a former resident on the same street.


The low-down

Apparently, Samuel Pepys was quite the foodie in his day and his diaries often mention his favourite London dishes, like a proto food blogger. And one of his favourites was the Lampery Pye - made with slow braised beef cheek and prunes. It’ll be one of the many British-themed dishes on offer at The Lampery, a new restaurant opening in the Apex Hotel City of London.

The rest of that menu will focus on themed dishes designed to bring the past into the present, like the London Particular, a thick pea and ham soup said to be inspired the ‘peasouper’ fogs of the days of yore. 

Breakfast sounds pretty great, we have to admit. There are Scotch oats with apricot, sourdough toast with London honey, one of our favourites - the Arnold Bennett (a smoked haddock omelette). Alongside those, a full English with goose fat potato rostis, which needless to say, we’re pretty into the sound of.

There'll also be smaller bites, including rarebit’ crumpet bread, treacle pickled quail’s eggs, black pepper & thyme sausage rolls with homemade ketchup and white asparagus with almond mayonnaise.

The menu at the cocktail bar also continues the theme, riffing on Pepys’ diary entries to create the Bloody Mary-inspired Red Snapper with Jensen gin and fishy clamato juice, and the Not Your Pepys’s Manhattan with Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam, Licor 43 and martini rosso.


More about The Lampery

Where is it? 1 Seething Lane, London EC3N 4AX

When does it open? Early September

Find out more: Visit their website or follow The Lampery on Twitter @TheLampery or on Instagram @thelampery.


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