The Lacy Nook brings Macedonian food and more to Stoke Newington

The Lacy Nook brings Macedonian food and more to Stoke Newington

What: The Lacy Nook

In a nutshell: Global dishes with a Macedonian origin on Cazenove Road

Summing it all up: Bringing together tastes from all over the world - think miso, jalapeno and tahini on aubergine  - The Lacy Nook experiments with international flavours, led by Macedonian friends Elena and Jana, with help from Nobu’s Tom Catley.


The low-down

Stoke Newington’s melting pot is about to get more than few more flavours following the official launch of the Lacy Nook, a new neighbourhood restaurant and bar.

It's already quietly opened and is serving up a global menu with influences from Macedonia, where owners Elena Smileva and Jana Miseva were born. Together with Tom Catley (Nobu, Maze and Ottolenghi), they’ve created a menu designed to bring together flavours from the Balkans, the Middle East and Asia. 

You can expect traditional Balkan dishes like Beef Cevapi, a flatbread filled with mini beef patties, fresh sweet onions, ajvar roasted pepper spread and kajmak, which is a type of milk spread, while desserts will consist of sweet treats like raspberry baklava. There’ll also be plenty of veg, like charred cauliflower with kidney bean hummus, pistachio and sumac, or roasted aubergine with jalapenos, miso and tahini yoghurt. 

Also on the menu is:

  • Harissa Spiced Chicken with Date Jam and Chickpea Mayonnaise
  • Spicy Squid Hotpot with Aioli, Basil
  • Flamed Pork Rib with Apple Cider, Treacle, Peanuts and Coriander
  • Smoked Celery Root, Brassicas, Hazelnuts, Lime, and Chilli

And they're sourcing lots of their produce from the surrounding area, so there’ll be salad from Growing Communities and bread from Dalston social enterprise bakery the Dusty Knuckle, while drinks will come from the Redchurch Brewery and nearby Hackney Square Root Sofas.

And speaking of drinks, there’ll be some very interesting wines on offer, including four from the Stobi winery in Macedonia’s Tikves wine region. That’ll include a red made from Vranec grapes, which should be rich and dark red and pack a hell of a punch. Or go for a cocktail, like one of a White-Peach Vanilla Margarita or a Sage-Grapefruit Old Fashioned.


More about The Lacy Nook

Where is it? 8 Cazenove Road, London N16 6BD

When does it open? Open now.

How do I book? Call 020 7683 1065

Find out more: Visit The Lacy’s Nooks website or follow them on Twitter @TheLacyNook.