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westfieldstreetJust in time for the Olympics, Geronimo Inns is opening a pop-up pub inside Westfield Stratford. They already have The Cow which overlooks the Olympic site, but The Calf (geddit?) will be inside the shopping centre and will run for six months from 1 June 2012.

Disdaining the current trend for cocktails in jam jars, The Calf will serve theirs in milk bottles. But you can also go for wine or real ales from Young’s as well as local craft ale brews from the East End.

Items on the brief menus will include sharing boards from £10 per person, a salad of mixed green beans, asparagus and peas, chilli and chervil for £7 or salt beef sandwich on sourdough for £7.

It'll all be very faux rustic with tables made from straw barrels and hessian sacks on the wall. There'll also be an outdoor area and the whole pop-up can be hired out for up to 250 people.

The Calf is at 150-151 The Street at Westfield Stratford.

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