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The bartenders in their pants from Le Calbar in Paris are coming to London

Yes, you read that right - and you can see from the picture above - there's a bar in Paris where the bartenders serve drinks in their pants. While we're tempted to write something about "those crazy French" at this point, we should also point out that Le Calbar also gets rave reviews for the drinks too. 

And now those drinks - and those pants - are coming to London where they're popping up for one night only at the Zetter Townhouse Marylebone. On offer will be:

  • La Carotte (Patrón silver tequila, lime juice, carrot juice, Skinnos Mastiha and Bondamanjak syrup)
  • From Calbar with Love (Star of Bombay gin, lime juice, spiced pineapple syrup, Pedro Ximenez ‘El Candado’, egg white)
  • The Roof is on Fire (Patron Silver tequila, Chipotle Chilli syrup, fresh mint, lime, Szechuan pepper)
  • Le Ti-Top Star (Star of Bombay gin, Combava syrup, grapefruit juice, lemon grass, Sancho pepper)

So get your reservation in if you want to check them out without going to Paris. And if the very idea of trying a bar where the bartenders appear to have forgotten their kegs appals you - here's a thought, instead of whinging about it on social that it marks the end of days - just don't go!

What: Le Calbar at The Zetter

When: 4 October 2017

Where: The Zetter Marylebone, 28-30 Seymour St, Marylebone, London W1H 7JB 

How to book: Via the website.


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