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Tesco are popping up in Soho with a wine bar

If the thought of finding time to go a winery for tasting session this summer seems like a distant dream - there's another option much closer to town. Tesco are opening a wine bar pop-up that will be showcasing their range of "finest" wines, featuring bottles from all over the globe. It's definitely not what you expect from Soho, that's for sure... 

There will be over eighty different wines, while experts and winemakers will be on hand to offer guidance, and help you discover your new favourite plonk. They'll have curated wine flights too, each flight with three glasses of different wine styles - designed to take you from your comfort zone and into new boozy delights. We'll be honest, we'll happily quaff a bottle of Tesco's Picpoul, so it'll be interesting to see how this one goes.

The finest pop-up wine bar will be open from Tuesday 2nd August to Saturday 13th August (but not Monday 8th August), at 147 Wardour Street, London W1F 8WD. Opening hours – 1200 until 2300 every day.

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