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custard doughnutsEschew the dubious delights of your local school summer fair this month, and head instead for East London where the Art Car Boot Fair at the Truman Brewery offers the chance to pick up a bargain bit of Brit art, whilst scoffing down on St John fare.

The fair takes place on Brick Lane on Sunday 19th June and as well as being able to bag a bargain basement piece of art from the likes of Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Tracy Emin and many more, the Art Car Boot Fair is also the annual outing for the St. John Ox Heart Bun.

According to St John they'll be 'grilling ox heart from noon' and - almost more importantly - serving up their now-legendary custard doughnuts which you'd normally only be able to buy at Maltby St market on Saturdays.

Entry to the fair costs £3 - find out more at

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