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Soho restaurant Flavour Bastard - yes, really - will bring "cuisine-agnostic" dining

21/8/17 - updated with soft launch details.

What: Flavour Bastard

In a nutshell: Multiple cuisines, multiple cultures in Soho

Summing it all up: Soho, get ready - Flavour Bastard (no, really) is coming and it’s got a menu full of packed with big ideas and intriguing combinations of international flavours, like white lentil and chorizo donuts, which all seems to suggest that its bite *could* match its bark.


The low-down

We confess, we’ve found it hard to write the sentence “there’s a restaurant coming to London called Flavour Bastard” without finishing with a “lol”. Taking the lead in the more, um, entertaining new restaurant names we’ve come across lately, Flavour Bastard will operate out of Soho with chef Pratap Chahal (Chez Bruce, Cinnamon Club, Claridges and owner of fine dining company The Hungry Chef) leading the charge. He’s opening it alongside restaurateur Vic Singh. 

So, what kind of food can you reasonably expect from a place called something like Flavour Bastard? Well, Eater London reports it’ll be “cuisine-agnostic.” Come again? Apparently this means it’ll be a combination of flavours and techniques drawing on multiple cuisines from multiple cultures. Some of the plates we've heard about include the inventive-sounding white lentil, chorizo and pecorino doughnuts, and steamed rice cakes with house kimchi, sesame and ssam - lettuce for wrapping. There’ll be the option to order it in its original size, or in a bigger size. 

Other options that have been reported include small plates like miso and mango-glazed aubergine with a peanut crumble, or ‘clouds of curds’ with pear and saffron chutney, and sweet treats like bergamot, lemon and cardamom tart with Japanese red bean ice-cream. You can even try a bitter chocolate aero with Mayan-spiced milk chocolate and brownie mousse with a spoonful of lavender ice-cream.

Flavour Bastard will have their own house beer on offer at their 20-seater bar, with wine cocktails and sakes making up the rest.

Although the name makes the restaurant sound like something the FoodPit boys could have magicked up, the food sounds altogether intriguing. We’re keen to give it a look in, if only to find out more about this Mayan-spiced brownie mousse…


More about Flavour Bastard

Where is it? 63-64 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 3JW

When does it open? 22 August 2017

Soft launch details: 50% off food from 22-29 August. Walk-ins only during soft lanch.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @flavourbastard or on Instagram @flavourbastard


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