Selfridges launches the Forest Restaurant & Cabin Bar on the roof

The restaurant on the roof has easily been one of Selfridges most successful endeavours in the last few years with Vintage Salt, Le Chalet and Q Grill all being big hits. Now they're changing things again for winter, again partnering with Des McDonald who also did the past three restaurants. Here comes the Forest Restaurant & Cabin Bar...

It'll be there for Autumn and Winter and is inspired by foraging trips to Britain’s forests. So that means plenty of seasonal dishes, as well as hot pots, grilled meats and fish and vegetable dishes. A brief look at the menu reveals:

  • Windsor Estate mallard on toast, mulled cider vinaigrette £11.5
  • Foxes Farm pumpkin & goat’s cheese tart £8.5
  • Crumpet benedict: Crispy bacon/Avocado/Smoked salmon £7.75
  • Baked game meatballs, winter vegetable orzo £19.5
  • Griddled sea bass, roasted ceps, sea purslane £24.5
  • Wild Highland Roe deer fillet, kale, elderberry sauce £24.5
  • Duck shepherd’s pie, autumn squash £19
  • Roast Banham chicken, truffle green beans, New Forest mushrooms £17.5
  • Treacle sponge, whisky Anglaise £7

The Cabin Bar is on the terrace with outdoor lodges too. There are blankets to keep you warm and a photo-booth lodge too. They'll have a new list of cocktails on offer and, like last year's Le Chalet, some hot chocolate creations too:

  • Smokey & Sour – a blend of Black Label, rosemary, lemon juice, maple syrup, La Phroag and Burlesque Bitters
  • Truffle Martini – a mix of Gin, vermouth and truffle oil
  • Fancy Nogg – Brandy, Frangelico, milk, cream, honey, hazelnut and nutmeg.
  • Gingerbread Chocktail – Gingerbread liqueur, rum and hot chocolate.
  • Spiced Banana Choctail – Banana liqueur, rum and hot chocolate
  • Chestnut Choctail – Crème de Chataigne, white chocolate liqueur and hot chocolate. 

You'll be able to get to it by the usual express lift, but there's a special "landscaped" staircase on the fourth floor too. 

The Forest Restaurant & Cabin Bar opens in Selfridges on October 21. For more, follow them on Twitter @Forest_LDN