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saladbarRather in the manner of 'have your cake and eat it' we rather like the new idea from the bar at Jun Tanaka's Holborn restaurant Pearl which is offering Londoners the chance to both eat and drink their summer salads.

The Salad Bar is the brainchild of Anthony Balik, Pearl's head mixologist, who's worked with Jun to come up with a drinks menu which 'combines visual stimulation with different tastes and textures'.

There are three Salads to sip on offer at £13.75 each. The Waldorf features home-infused walnut vodka muddled with celery heightened by citrus notes of pressed apple and grapes and is served with grape jelly, walnuts and celery sticks. The Greek mixes Gin Mare, made with the highest quality Mediterranean botanicals, with a delicate tomato consommé and fresh tomato, refreshed with cool cucumber ice cubes - that's served with a classic salad of feta and olives. And then there's the Thai with specially made chilli infused cachaça and fresh mango, papaya, lime and palm sugar syrup, which comes with a fine Thai noodle salad and crushed peanuts.

We're fairly sure these lovely drinks will make reaching your five a day more fun and, you have to admit, they're very pretty.

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