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Isn't that always the way - you wait ages for a Banh Mi shop and then two come along at once. Just last week we had the opening of Keu on Old Street, and next week another part of Islington gets a Banh Mi cafe, this time courtesy of the people behind the award-winning Saigon Street Cafe from Hackney's Broadway Market.

Ca Phe! opens at 149b Upper St Islington (close to La Porchetta) from Wednesday next week. As owners Rob Atthill  and Tuyen Hon are also an importer of Vietnamese coffee, the cafe will feature up to 10 different Vietnamese coffees, made traditionally with stainless steel PHIN - or filters. There'll also be Ca Phe Sua Da - iced coffee with condensed milk & Lotus tea and a range of teas on offer.

Food includes their celebrated Saigon Five Pork banh mi - artisan made charcuterie  - Fluffy pork, steamed pork, gammon ham, pate & cha lua sausage served with carrot & diakon pickles, cucumber, Vietnamese style mayonaise, spring onions, coriander & chilli in a light & crispy banh mi.

They haven't yet agreed their opening hours, but the good news is they hope to be open into the evenings - perfect for the post-pub pick-me-up.

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