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Russell Norman's Mishkin's: a 'sort of' Jewish deli that'll serve pork[Updated 25/11/11 - Mishkin's is now open and taking bookings on 020 7240 2078. Find out more on the Mishkin's website.]

Russell Norman revealed some more information about his next venture Mishkin's in an interview with City AM this morning.

'I’m always using the words “sort of” in front of it because it’s not kosher, and it’s not a traditional Jewish restaurant.' he told the paper. 'It's a sort of sexy, fun version of a Jewish deli. There’s a lot of East London “caff” in it and that strong Jewish tradition around Whitechapel and Bethnal Green that’s pretty much disappeared. It won’t all be matzo ball soup, lox bagels and salt-beef sandwiches, we’re definitely having fun with the menu as well.

We’ll have cod cheek popcorn: cod cheeks – the size and shape of scallops – dipped in tempura-like light batter, then fried. And there will be great cocktails – we’re going back to the thirties and forties to look at gin cocktails that were very popular in this country.'

One thing he revealed was that Mishkin's may have a Jewish theme, but it'll still be serving up distinctly non-kosher food. "After doing a bit of research and speaking to well known Jews, they’ve asked the same question – will you be doing pork? And I’ve said – well, would you like us to do pork? And they’ve all said the same thing: “oh yeah”."

For the full interview click here.

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