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Restaurant critics to take charge of Hawksmoor Guildhall for a nightMany a chef or restaurateur has had to put up with a less than glowing review of their restaurant in the past (indeed, we handily collate the very best and worst of them). So now’s the time for some payback.

On April 15 2012, some of the UK’s top restaurant critics will be taking over Hawksmoor Guildhall for "Too Many Critics" in an effort to impress their fellow writers and, more importantly, some of the UK’s top chefs.

In the kitchen there will be two teams including Tracey MacLeod from the Independent, Jay Rayner from the Observer, Fay Maschler from the Evening Standard and Giles Coren from the Times, among others. They won’t be able to hide away in the kitchen either, as video footage of their efforts will be broadcast to the diners, including Anna Hansen, Clare Smyth from Gordon Ramsay and Theo Randall. So if things get a little smoky in there, everyone will know.

But expect any schadenfreude from the chefs to be lighthearted, as this is all for charity, supporting Action against Hunger. If you’d like to be there to see how the critics fare when the tables are turned (see what we did there?), dinner will cost £120 and can be booked from or by emailing

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