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You guessed it - this was our April Fool's story.

If you've ever tried and failed to get a reservation at the World's Best Restaurant™ Noma, we have glad tidings for you today. It seems that expansion plans are afoot in Copenhagen.

Chef René Redzepi has secured extra funding from the Danish government to open a massive new restaurant in the centre of Copenhagen seating upwards of 300 people.

'It seemed crazy that we were getting 10,000 calls a day for tables and having to turn all that money away,' Redzepi's spokesperson Eva Bydonehue told Hot Dinners. 'The new restaurant simply means we'll be able to monetise all the publicity we got from being named World's Best Restaurant.'

Rene himself was unavailable for comment, but it's understood that certain elements of the Noma experience, such as having so much of the food foraged, won't work on the new larger scale. That said, Eva denied that the restaurant would be in any way an inferior dining experience, although she did admit that some of the food would be pre-prepared in a central kitchen in Copenhagen.

The new look Noma should open in exactly a year's time.

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