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We've had cafe's devoted to cereal, porridge, cheese toasties, even polenta - but it looks as though the single ingredient trend of the foreseeable future for London is the humble egg. In addition to Bad Egg which is already running in Moorgate  we've already written about Soho House's Egg Break coming to Notting Hill  and The Good Egg opening on Stoke Newington Church Street. .

Now, just down the road from The Good Egg is a new poached egg bar opening today. It's being run by Foxcroft & Ginger as part of their new cafe in Beyond Retro on Stoke Newington Road. Dishes on the menu include:

Eggs Benedict Poached Eggs with Sweet Potato Scone, Chorizo and Chermoula Sauce Poached Eggs with Herb Roasted Mushrooms, Béchamel, Truffle Oil, Nut Crumble, Parmesan on Sourdough Toast Poached Eggs with Smoked Haddock, Caramelised Cheese Sauce, Parmesan, on Sourdough.

So that's the menu. As to the cooking method - all eggs will be cooked ‘sous vide’ at exactly 63 degrees for an hour to achieve the perfect yolks.

Foxcroft & Ginger @ Beyond Retro opens today at 92-100 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XB. Keep up with their news on Twitter @foxandginger


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