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Naked restaurant The Bunyadi was never going to be an easy act to follow, but the team behind that are giving it a go with a WW2-themed cocktail bar where you decode your own personality to work out your true cocktail colours, inspired by Bletchley Park.

It gets better - not only will there be a war room and cipher machine based on Alan Turing’s machine of the same name, but you’ll be directly involved in the decoding yourself. Once you’ve used the cipher to distill your personality into a list of potential cocktail ingredients, you’ll be invited to theatrically relay the list backstage, along with your taste and smell preferences. There, the mixology team will break it all down, add it all up, and come up with a unique cocktail just for you. Are you gin, or vodka? Bitters, or sugar syrup? After you've discovered your inner spirit(s), you’ll end up with a unique, one-off cocktail recipe to enjoy in the bar, and a recipe to take home then take home in a classified envelope for your eyes only.

“After breaking boundaries at The Bunyadi by bringing our clientele closer to nature, this new endeavour aims to give our clientele the feeling they’re unique, truly special in every way,” said Seb Lyall, from the team behind the venture, Lollipop.

The whole thing is guaranteed to be a lot of fun, and after the success of the Bunyadi, it seems bound to be a hot ticket: at the time of writing there was already 1,000 in the queue. With space for just 22 and only open for a few months, if you want to decode who you truly are and then drink the results - and who doesn’t - then move quickly.

The Bletchley opens 17 March in a secret London location. and will cost £30. We’ll add more details as we get them. Keep up with their news on Twitter @thebletchley

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