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paulyoungfollyOctober is upon us. The weather is set to ‘grey’, you can’t leave the house without a brolly, and it’s still dark when you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. All in all, there’s not much to be happy about - that is until you realise that the start of October also signals the arrival of National Chocolate Week.

After all, how many more reasons to be cheerful do you need than a wide variety of chocolate-based events, tastings and demonstrations taking place across the country over the next few days? And it all culminates in the Chocolate Unwrapped show featuring top chocolate companies and chocolate makers from around the world at the London Film Museum in the heart of Covent Garden on the 13th and 14th October.

Multi award-winning chocolatier, and Chocolate Week participant, Paul A. Young has kicked off this year's festivities by launching a pop-up shop in The Folly bar in the City. Known for his unique artisanal approach and eccentricity with combining flavours, Paul is going to be bringing smiles to the faces of The Folly patrons throughout October with his tantalising range of truffles including Spiced Pumpkin Pie; Aquariva Tequila Margarita; Stichelton Cheese & Sweet Bramble; Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jelly and Hot Dinners' personal favourite, the Buttered Soreen Malt Loaf truffle.

How do we know? Well, never being ones to shirk the hard duties, we went along to The Folly last night to work our way through the full collection. Yes it's a tough job but we're glad to do it for you.

“There’s a healthy portion of butter in that filling,” Paul told us, “just as with the real Soreen malt loaf, you should always serve it with a spread of butter as thick as the slice of malt loaf itself”.

He’s also created a special bar, especially for The Folly, made with strawberries, pink peppercorns and Madagascan chocolate. Along with truffles and chocolates, it will also serve up a selection of delectable brownies and Paul’s own hot chocolate.

For more information on what’s happening throughout National Chocolate Week check or you can visit Paul’s shop at The Folly Mon – Fri 7:30am – 11pm or Sat – Sun 10am – 7pm until the end of October.

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