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Patty&Bun launches The Residence with chefs from Pitt Cue, Palomar and more

There's a new east London residency which looks very interesting indeed. We're already fans of the space that Patty&Bun have created over in London Fields and now they're branching out further with some very special guests for The Residence. 

Billed as a space where "chefs can express and present food exactly how they see fit, without any constraints" they'll be one-sitting, one-off events with some pretty special chefs. The intial line-up is:

  • Tom Adams - Pitt Cue & Co - 8th Dec (expect "mangalitsa sausage, bespoke cocktails and plenty of picklebacks")
  • Yossi Elad - Palomar - 25th Jan
  • Josh Katz - Berber and Q - Feb 1st
  • Mike Davies - The Camberwell Arms - 23rd Feb

Each event is £50 and you can grab the first tickets here with the full menu revealed on the night.

The Residence is at the Patty&Bun Arch, 397 Mentmore Terrace, London E8 3PH. Follow Patty&Bun on Twitter @pattyandbunjoe

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