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Patty & Bun and Flat Iron team up for the Iron Patty

At the moment you'll find rather a lot of Christmas specials on London menus but every so often there's another special that we just have to draw your attention to. And it usually involves burgers. 

This time it's a team-up between Patty & Bun and Flat Iron who have created this - The Iron Patty. It's a Galloway mince beef patty, roscoff onions, fontina ‘goo’, dripping & truffle mayo, brioche bun and pickled cucumbers served on the side. 

It arrives this Friday and is available 1-22 December 2017 at both Patty & Bun Old Compton St and Flat Iron Golborne Road for £12. So if you're now craving an Iron Patty, you know where to go. 


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