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pasta evangelists

With the rise in popularity of fresh pasta joints like Padella, Pastaio and Flour & Grape, it's not surprising someone's cottoned on to Londoners' passion for pasta and come up with a home delivery service.

Pasta Evangelists have won the backing of food folk like Giles Coren, Prue Leith and Waitrose magazine editor William Sitwell to support their new business.

The premise is simple, but genius. Packed in the same kind of boxes they send flowers in through your letterbox, you get fresh pasta and all the sauces and garnishes you need.

They sent us a box with two pastas in it - and we have to say we'd happily spend our own money on them again. In particular our smoked salmon filled cuoricini with burro, dill and taralli breadcrumbs was every bit as good as something we'd expect to be served in a restaurant. They're not cheap, mind. A portion really feeds one greedy person (us, to a tee) and ranges from price from around £7 to £11.

If you fancy trying it, head on over to for more details.

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