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Anyone who's a fan of Ottolenghi, whether it's their restaurants or the cookbook, will be pleased to hear that they're branching out by opening a standalone restaurant called NOPI in Soho next year.

As Ottolenghi's official strategic thinker Noam Bar explained to Hot Dinners: 'We wanted to challenge ourselves, to launch a new concept, to allow ourselves to create a new restaurant from a fresh start. We  also wanted to launch a full blown restaurant rather than a restaurant/ deli, and a top level one at that.'

The all-day dining venue in Soho’s Warwick Street will open in February and serve 'a cuisine blend that may be described as contemporary London: bold flavours and colours, broadly based on Mediterranean, Middle-eastern and Asian ingredients, using lots of herbs and spices.'

NOPI will be open from breakfast through to dinner offering plenty of sharing dishes as well as a chef's table in the basement. The head chef will be Ramael Scully, who used to be the head chef at their Islington branch.

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